Heaven’s Identity

Heaven’s Identity is Known Oneness with the Heavenly Father’s Idea that transcends all other ideas. There are no attachments to formed ideas in Heaven; Heaven is wholly sharing God’s Idea.

There are ideas of Heaven that are experienced as heavenly, but are not Heaven.

Imaginative cultist thinkers have created many strange and fantastic forms which still live high up above the earth in ghostly bodies which some call ‘astral’, or ‘spiritual’, or ‘protoplasmic’ bodies. Familiarity with bodies demands that these imagined forms resemble human bodies except for their lack of solidity. Hence these astral bodies have arms, legs, head and features like humans, only more ethereal. There are many who believe that the spiritual bodies can be summoned to earth by a ‘medium’ to talk to loved ones. Such bodies are said to appear fully clothed, with hair nicely combed as last seen forty years ago, who then engage in conversation regarding trifles of no import. It is strange that such believers do not think through to the root of things. Of what use is a body, which is designed for an environment of earth, in an environment where its body has no possibility of use? God’s creations are purposeful, and God fits His creations to environments where they can manifest purposefulness. How ludicrous and illogical it is to think of hair, fingernails, teeth, bones and flesh of even etherial bodies growing for centuries in an environment where they would be of no purpose whatsoever. No bodies of any nature could be static. They would either have to grow or decay, for all bodies are material, whether ‘etherial’ or otherwise. How ludicrous also it is to think of clothing remaining unchanged for indefinite periods, which must be that way when people claim that their mother appeared in the same black silk dress and white collar that she was buried in. In their eagerness to create man- like astral bodies they do not think things through. If they did they would realize the absurdities of such unnatural conjurings.” (Walter Russell)

God” is of One Mind, that is the same as His Idea. The Quality of the One Mind of God is Love. All of God’s Mind Lives in its Source always; no part of it can be “split” from itself to communicate with itself “two ways”. Concentrated bodies mix only with concentrated bodies.

The senses are electric. They will not vibrate in discharged, or depolarized bodies, just as an electric bulb will not light from a dead storage battery. Mind can always contact Mind, for all-knowing is universal, but vital polarized bodies cannot contact devitalized, depolarized bodies.” (Walter Russell)

The “individual” mind is only seemingly a fragment or particle of God’s Mind; it never actually exists outside of its whole Mind. The “separate mind” is but an idea that can only be made to seem real by simulating the context for it. A movie is made for it.

Can Mind exist as if disconnected from its Self, but without a body? Without the body-self idea being defined, there is only undefined Oneness.

Every “soul” Is this One Undefined, Undivided Self. Individuals only appear to be defined as more than One Self. The Self does nothing but power the ability to think and divide.

All angles presenting the idea of death can be surrendered for a holistic way of looking at things. For every idea of death, there is the miracle of Life that powers it.

The ego loves the idea of karma “in the afterlife” and will threaten to “follow mind out of body”. Fantasies galore are bought and sold among “imaginative cultists” on the idea of a heavenly or a hellish afterlife based on the concept of “a soul having karma”, but the ego’s ideas cannot “follow the Son Home” where the ego does not exist. Attachment to the senses has conjured such imaginings. Home is where the Son “returns” by resuming what He Is as attachment to ideas apart from God’s One Idea are depolarized.

As form radiates back into empty space, it radiates what has never actually left its Source. Space doesn’t leave itself when concentrated thoughts appear from it; it remains as is. When Mind leaves the idea of an enclosure or boundary to Knowledge, it also leaves the ideas of “a separated self” and and its “afterlife”.

Heaven is Direct Knowledge of Oneness with God. Appearance and disappearance of matter has nothing to do with Knowledge of Oneness. Apparent divisions of Oneness are of the perceptual realm and are how movies are made. Division has nothing to do with nonlinear Knowledge of Heaven’s Identity.

According to the ego’s thought system, the body is all there is: “if there is no (di)visible body, there is no life”. And yet, “Great intelligence in combining observed effects, or great intelligence in reasoning from conclusions arrived at by the evidence of one’s senses, does not constitute knowledge” (Walter Russell). The ego cannot know of the other half of the body that is beyond perception. It cannot Know of the other balancing half of life.

Literal manifestations of ideas may seem to convince the Son of God of them as if they are facts of life, but the Life of the Son is only His Knowledge of the Father’s Love. The Son’s Love Life cannot be interrupted by what is breathed in as “the facts of life”. The concentrated “facts of life” are only 50% of Fact of Life; the other 50% that is decentrated by breathing out is not apparent … until it is breathed back in. Mind without attachment to the body-idea is not “formless ego” or “an individual soul”, but the Son of God that never left, and was never left by, His Source.

Via belief in/attention paid to the subjectivity of experiencing entrapment by the effects of formed ideas, the Son becomes convinced that the Father is trying to hold his “soul” hostage by keeping him or her out of the Oneness of Heaven, suffering in a body, and living with the threat of a hellish afterlife when the body goes. Pay this mad idea of separation from Source no attention; the Son of God is ever Unified in the Father and has no split-away soul “at risk” of losing its Self. Breathing is innocuous, and does not impact the Breathless Identity of the Son.

Bodies are comprised of spinning, gravity controlled quantum packets of thought-specialized matter, and the energy to bring their electric light-wave senses to life is supplied by Source. Closely packed pixels of electric light-waves are expressed from Stillness as if to dance a shroud of movement around it.

The soul without a body is but the idea of enclosed Source but without enclosure – an idea of “dislodged equilibrium” that is somehow adrift by itself but with no indication of boundary – obviously, nothing can actually “exist” in this fashion.

The illusion of dust spins round, and falls away from Source by the rhythmic balanced interchange of Self breathing light waves in and out. The soul is only “separated” from Source by the idea that Light can be divided from its beam.

If all motion suddenly ceased the universe would be without form and void. It would then be one without the illusion of separateness” (Walter Russell)

Knowledge is absolutely not based in empiricism or any of the foundation for it. The Light of Heaven’s Identity cannot leave its Source.

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