Mending the split

I see things differently now,” one notices, as the once-believed-to-be-separated Mind gently realizes its Guiltlessness.

Awareness of Love as being all there is makes form appear as if divinely transparent, and brings the automatic recognition that there is nothing to make “right”, or “wrong”, “good”, or “bad”, about the general effects of the belief in separation. Within all “dark” life forms is known to be an inextinguishable “Light” that is unaffected by the seeming activities in darkness.

Seeing universal form as separate from Source is a misunderstanding that is felt in general to be “sinful”. This misunderstanding positions the Son of God as the “bad guy” in his Own Mind, and thereby disables him from wholly accepting his Self while in form. As long as the belief that the form the Son has made results in separation is held to be true, the Son believes he is guilty of it, and acts as if his mind is split from Source, and as if he has reason to be afraid.

In Reality, there is no split, and no need for guilt or fear.

The thought system that says one must suffer in form is insane, and can be released for corrected perception and the manifestation of a happier dream.

Correction sees the split from Love, and mends it.

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