One may have a seemingly guilty or guilt-free conscience in the world of duality and believe oneself to be subject or not-subject to separation from Source, but one is ever Guiltless as the undivided-by-levels-of-consciousness Son of God as he eternally Is in the Absolute State of God’s Love.

Guiltlessness is the state of Mind as One but Extends God’s Love to His Creation. This state has also been called the Absolute. It could be accurately said that God Absolutely Loves, that His Love is Absolute, that His Son is Absolute Love; and all that is not Absolute Love comes only from the idea of separating from it.

The Son is only ever “guilty” of the idea of separation from Love, and it is only in the separated state that said “guilt” is demonstrated. The Son, though he believes otherwise, is never actually separated from the Absolute Love of his Father, for the Son is an extension of It. The Father powers everything the Son has made apart from Love, with His Love. The Son, in his fragmented form and overwhelmed by the sensations of separation, forgets his Source, and thus believes he is at the mercy of being guilty of having left Love. In his believed-to-be separate form, he has only seemingly lost the Memory of Love.

With the idea of guilt manifesting in form, the Son of God is seemingly split away from his state of Guiltlessness, to identify with a world wherein he perceives himself as a being at the mercy of his self-alleged “sin” of leaving Love, and can no longer Know, because of perceptual limits put in place to uphold the belief, his original Absolute state of Love in the Mind of his Creator.

The belief that mind can limit itself to form and truly be subject to the associated ideas of sin is false, because Mind cannot remove itself from God, it’s Source, in order to be something it is not – it can only think it can.

Attempts to split from God’s Mind all end up in nothing but a seeming chain of perpetually manifesting and dissolving perceptual steps away from Love that appear when mind splits from Source, and disappear when mind rejoins It.

“At no single instant does the body exist at all.” ACIM VII.I txt pg 388. The belief in the “body of s(p)in” as being “damning” is unreal, because separation from God’s Mind is not actually possible; the body is only perceptual.

“Now” is never experienced; consciousness is experienced either in the past or future by projection away from that which Sources Present Reality. The idea of damnation only occurs in the believed-to-be-separated state, which happens in the past or the future as the body is kept aside for its “karma”, but it dissolves, along with all ideas, in the “now” by Mind’s ever present union with God.

“The state of Guiltlessness is only the condition in which what is not there has been removed from the disordered mind that thought it was. This state, and only this, must you attain, with God beside you. For until you do, you will still think you are separate from Him. You can perhaps feel his presence next to you, but cannot know you are one with Him. This cannot be taught. Learning applies only to the condition which it happens of itself.” (ACIM)

One may listen to the voice for God now, always, vs ego, ever, and thereby release the idea of past and future s(p)ins, and Know the Relief of God’s Present Love that never left, and was never left, and is the necessary condition for learning of Guiltlessness.

Everything in the perceptual world of guilt and sin, gravity and spin passes away from Awareness; the temporary nature of a “guilty self-consciousness” is proof that guilt doesn’t arise from that which absolutely Sources only the eternal Guiltless Reality of God’s Son.

Guilt over nothing