God’s Idea

On the path to enlightenment, one lets go of proving the ego’s idea of “death by separation from God” to be real.

October 29, 2009, my husband and I were woken in the middle of the night to the house on fire. As we were about to gather up our pets and child, I heard my own internal voice gently, but very clearly say, “You don’t have to be here for this.” I responded with absolute agreement, and I “left” the perceptual world.

I didn’t notice any movement as Awareness disengaged from bodily consciousness and I saw the typically not visible top of the living room window curtain rod, and then the world of form was simply gone. The world never was. Unlike experiences out of body, during meditation, or waking up after the unveiling of the Self in 2007, it was as if nothing had ever come into being but God’s Idea.

Of the Reality that is God’s One Idea, I am nothing but the Qualitative Knowledge of Perfect Energetic Equilibrium. Out of this Equilibrium come all degrees of activity, yet Knowledge of my Self is Still. I am the zero of Stillness that all activity spins from, yet I am not aware of the motion picture produced. Of my Self alone I am Absolute Satiation; I am Absolute Self-Love. I am but Perfectly Balanced, unquantified Love that never leaves its Source.

With expressions of Knowledge there are many different words meaning many different things, but in Reality there is only one Word that has any Meaning. In Reality, I am nothing but this Word; I am nothing but this Meaning. I am nothing but this One Word’s Loving Extension of its Meaning.

He alone can die who believes in death, but he who knows the Light of God as one with him can never die.” (Walter Russell)

In the face of death, I wholly agreed with God’s Idea instead, and instantly and completely Knew of my eternal Oneness with it.

Knowing Oneness with God quite naturally erased all fear of death. I never die, I simply depolarize the idea of disconnection to go back into my Source that is only Balance, Love, Truth and Law.

Without the idea of death, one stops looking through a straw and claiming it’s framed topography to be all there is to the view.

Without the idea of death there is no idea of disconnection from Source. Without the idea of death, one forgets the framed picture, and becomes wholly Aware of Who’s watching the show.

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