Full Circle

Through dedication to Self-Inquiry, I have come to Know my own Self as “the Kingdom of Heaven”, and as the Source of Love’s universal simulated manifestation here on Earth.

Love is the ecstasy of peace and rest in the balanced LIGHT of all-knowing which is God. The expression of love is in balanced giving and regiving to manifest love materially.” (Walter Russell)

What, in spiritual self-help literature is classically called “the ego’s” thought system would have me believe is that my “regiving to manifest love materially” proves that I am somehow separate from God.

And yet, while I authorize myself to feel good in my body and I as I care for it lovingly and use it to regive Love, I Know that the ego’s thought system is not true.

I am never disconnected from my Loving Source; I am always God’s Idea.

The ego is but a system of faulty ideas that I need but surrender for the One Loving Idea that is True.

By letting go of the ego’s thought system, I welcome all of my Self to both resting in, and regiving, my own Love.

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