Enlightenment and family

Is it possible to seek enlightenment with family?

Yes. Please do!

When family relationships are viewed as one holy relationship with God, enlightenment is a given.

Life may appear chaotic on the outside to those “looking in”. Loved ones may leave, as the foundation for getting bodies together – whatever ego structure it was that got them gathered in the first place – seems to have dissolved.

People may seem sad, angry; they may go through the whole gamut of emotions when a member of the family opts for the peace of rejoining God’s Love.

Yet joining happens in Mind, not by bodies, and everyone realizes this in Oneness.

In the writer’s case there was a few years of seeming upset, but circumstances grew to be in alignment with Love.

One may be enlightened and living in any situation; those around are not seen as separate bodies, but as the same Son.