Ego or God?

Mental illness is rampant on the planet; the Earth and its inhabitants are perceived as if positioned outside of Heaven in order to be separate from God’s Love. Mind that believes it exists only “in a brain”, “on a planet”, is in effect “split” from Knowing Oneness with God’s Mind, and therefore cannot understand the meaning of mental health. The Supreme Personality of Godhead is the Absolute Mental Health one is striving to simulate.

The Idea of Man, in the Mind of God, is Supreme, and this Idea is what mankind is striving to simulate as co-creators with God. God shares His Personality by virtue of extending Love to all of His creating things. The cat loves to be a cat and shows it in his purr. The bird knows exactly how to be a bird and sing songs of love while doing so. The dog wags his tail and announces that he knows what love is, and wants to extend it.

Mental illness doesn’t happen in nature; it is man-made. It is created by blocking or resisting the extension of Supreme Love. Every block to Love has a neurological consequence that over time creates tremendous tension in the body. This tension drains vitality and contributes to greater need for rest – ie, sleep and death.

The ego thrives on this negative tension, calling it essential for well-being.

The Voice for God says, “release tension and rest in Me”.

The voice of ego says, “increase tension and avoid rest in Source at all costs”.

Ego or God?

Ego will push the Son of God to believe he must self-destruct. The Idea of Man is eternal as are all reflections of it. Life is eternal. The Son of God can self-destruct over and over. Yet the Idea of Man never dies, and all reflections can be resurrected. By not aiming for the Supreme and worshiping the idea of death, we are basically just wasting time.

Choose ego and choose to believe that self-destruction is imminent. Choose God and Know that it is not.

The eternal life of Heaven is Imminent, but by the choice to listen to the ego, the Heaven of Now is limited to a false belief system where tension is worshiped and peace is forgotten.











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