Without the idea of death: There is only Life book

My book Without the idea of death: There is only Life has been updated to a 4th edition and is now available in free .pdf.

Here is an excerpt:


The Realities of life are Balance, Love, Truth and the Law. These are the qualities of Mind which you cannot see. You can only know them. The unrealities of life you can alone see, for they cannot be known. The Realities are qualities of Mind at rest. The unrealities are quantities of sensed matter in motion.”

(Walter & Lao Russell, Universal Law, Natural Science and Philosophy)

From a young age, I noticed that sensing didn’t seem to match up with knowing, and I often felt as if I acted and reacted to two different worlds. There was the one world where it seemed I had to act according to the ever-changing, roller-coastering trends of an objectified existence, and the other, my own little world of quiet introspection, where I could withdraw the senses and simply be. Sometime during the first week of kindergarten, I put up my hand and asked to go to the washroom. Instead of going to the washroom I left the building and walked home. I preferred to simply be.

Love was said to be a reality in the objectified existence taught by the senses, but the senses didn’t indicate that to be the case at least fifty percent of the time, and when sensing did seem to indicate the existence of Love, those instances were short-lived and they left behind the sense of loss, of wanting more. The world founded on satisfying the senses and the ego that accompanied them with its database of randomly interpreted sense-based observations often seemed like a scary place – one of great mystery, unwanted surprise, pain and fear.

As I grew up and was indoctrinated with the status quo of world thinking, depression and anxiety over the passive acceptance of the limitations, programming and belief systems based in viewpoints and opinions adopted from the lead-by-sensing world-ego over-ruled my mental health. I searched in vain for answers outside of my Self, and then in my mid-thirties I surrendered the search for lasting solutions in the empirical. I declared “enlightenment to be my number one goal in life” and I took up spiritual study, meditation and contemplation.

In my late-thirties, while leaving a house fire in the middle of the night, objective perception of time, space and matter spontaneously ceased in a flash as timeless awareness of the qualitative Realities of the Divine Trinity of Light, eternally opening and closing the Flower of Life, seamlessly blossomed in its place.

I remained fully aware; at no point did I lose consciousness. The body stayed fully functional and continued to act appropriately, and yet its form completely disappeared into the qualitative knowledge of its Source as the sensed-to-be opposing states of Life’s “flowering and going to seed” were known, in the Light of Mind, to seamlessly pulse “through” the Mind as one two-way continuum. The mystery of the two different worlds was resolved as the world of sensing duality disappeared into the Oneness of the Trinity of knowledge and thinking backing it.

Through the sense of humanity alone, Mind cannot become aware of the exquisite, ineffable Realities of the One Being forever knowing and thinking “Man”. Sensing detects the transient creative effects of thought bodies appearing as material bodies, but cannot detect the qualities of the eternal interchange between knowing and thinking that appearing / disappearing / reappearing bodies eternally reflect.

The dual-bodied effects of the knower and thinker of the Idea of Creation that are sensed but not known are the balance seeking illusions of “motion-in-opposition” (Walter Russell). Creating things are forever seeking to simulate balance between each half of their dual bodies of motion and through one another, simulating, but never becoming, the motion-less Balance of the One Being. While leaving a house fire in the middle of the night, the Nirvana of knowing that Balance spontaneously occurred as I discovered the Self expressing the divided motion of the body to be at rest in the one undivided and still fulcrum of all of Creation’s expression.

Awareness briefly but completely severed from the field of perception and yet I was wholly aware of my Self as being inseparable from the one imperceptible Life/ Mind/ Self/ Substance/ Soul of the Supreme Artist simulating through thought-wave motion the many parts of the one eternal Idea of Creation. One with Source, at rest in the interchange between knowledge and thinking, Mind and body were purely known as knowledge and its expression.

For timeless seconds of pure ecstasy that suddenly and completely transported my consciousness from the limitations of belief in “the unrealities of sensed matter in motion” to the still Knowledge of the Life and Supreme Control of the Light, I knew only “the qualities of Mind at rest” in the absolute nature of Life. Perfectly divided thinking interchanged in still knowing in a rhythmic, balanced fashion, continuously without deviation. The eternal pulse or heartbeat of the spiritual desire backing the expression of Idea via the interchanging thought-wave motion that seemingly forms, de-forms and re-forms the one substance-less Substance of Life into/out of /into/out of a diversity of creating bodies was wholly known as Love begetting Love with Love, or Love interchanging with Love in Love. Knowing my Self to be balanced in the wave of Creation’s qualitative point of interchanging Love that is my “Identity as God created”, I knew absolute satiation/complete satisfaction. At rest in eternal interchange I knew all simulations of the Idea of Creation to be expressing from Love and fulfilling in Love for re-expression.  I qualitatively knew that as Idea’s manifestation is being fulfilled, it is also being re-expressed. I knew all things “dying” to be simultaneously “reborning”.

Compartmentalized-by-the-ego perception of the universe dissolved through several stages of the Realities of Life previously given to the information gleaned solely by sensing, judging and imposing belief systems on the seemingly moving body of Creation without inquiry into the nature of its still Source. It was as if I backtracked through material layers of seeming separation from Oneness with the Light of knowledge and the thought process “behind-the-scenes” of motion-picture expression to reunite with the stillness of Source and the qualitative knowledge of the Idea of motion. It was as if I had never left. It was as if the universe had never been organized into form, and yet it’s form was simultaneously known purely by the qualities of its ongoing organization.

As awareness gently severed from the perceptual field of assumed-by-sensing meanings, I found my Self to be eternally at rest in the seemingly once-veiled awareness of the divine knowledge and thinking back of Creation’s manifestation. I “returned” to the absolute familiarity of the still, centering Soul of Me that I could never leave and have never left, and all that was “there” was my pure Identity – my unabashed Self – inseparable from the “Balance, Love, Truth and the Law” of the fulcrum of knowledge, its extension of polarized stillness that is my dual-body and the ineffably exquisite waves of balanced thinking expressing knowledge of Balance through that extension. In the State in the fire I knew I had never left, and could never leave, the eternal rest of the unmanifest Self through which the manifest Self perpetually cycles between appearance and disappearance. Wholly aware of the undivided ecstasy of this balanced cycling, I was untouched by the seemingly unbalanced, divided material effects of it. The qualitative revelation of Oneness with “the interchanging point of life and death” that is the still fulcrum cause and balancing control center of all moving effects left me wholly aware of eternal Life, without the idea of death.”

Copyright@Darcie French 2023

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