Let us Erase Confusion-ism

Confusion-ism seems to be a popular “religion” among those who don’t realize Oneness with the Law of Love and the indelible manifestation of “good” or “bad” experience. Potential universal operating rules are imagined and whole enterprises arise from guess work and experimentation.

Let’s erase the confusion and cease experimenting.

The Law of Love backing the Idea of Creation is that Love must be given first. One Love or Idea or still equilibrium of concept in inertia is divided into interchanging pairs of opposing effects of motion to express Love/Idea dynamically. When the equation is written as 0÷2 = 0×2 the effect of Creation eternally endures because that which is divided first multiplies in order to repay what was borrowed. You can’t breathe in unless you breathe out first. The giving out powers the regiving in.

Hell is the unwanted experience of the unbalanced thinking to take or borrow Love first vs give Love first. It’s like chronically breath holding with no release or refresh. In essence, it is the reversal of the equation to be 0×2=0÷2. Division without its mate of refreshment and multiplication without its mate of release is what is experienced as the “product” or manifestation of Idea vs the changeless ecstasy of qualitatively knowing the Law as the one balanced equilibrium expressing the two states of motion.

Space, like an outbreath must first evacuate or give all of its light in order to create its balanced opposite state of a concentrated sun or inbreath. The sun returns what was given as it radiates light back to the space it was borrowed from. If space doesn’t give first, there can be no sun. If the sun doesn’t give first, there can be no unfolding of creating systems like Earth.

Hell is the effect of sitting with the effects of violating the Law without repenting. Repentance is simply balancing the taking with the reaction of equal and opposite giving.

Heaven is the wanted experience of knowing rhythmic balanced interchange between all pairs of opposites which are not withholding of themselves, but eternally first giving to their divine mates.

When humans, one with the Law (whether we know it or not), get the equation backwards without the effort to balance it “all hell stays broken loose” as there was no initial expression of Balance or effort to correct the unbalanced expression.

When we get it forwards, we know the Self to be effortlessly at rest in the heartbeat of eternal nature and the comfort zone of Heaven on Earth naturally springs forth.

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Copyright@darciefrench 2022

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