“I know” everything as no-thing

Q: I am amazed that energy can be no-thing. Have us humans not grasped what energy is? I am beyond even energy and am not and other than not also or not-not…

A: The human body can only sense energy as something .. not as it is.

Q: Then you are of the opinion that God is energy?

A: I have no opinions. Darce French, as a database of opinions about sensed observations, doesn’t exist, she never did and never could.

I know God as the infinite Power of my eternally existing Self, which cannot be described through empirical knowledge, or the mental database of opinions about sensed observations.

When “I” , to use a manner of speech and appear appropriate in the world of illusion, say, “I know” , it is to conclude that actual knowledge is beyond sensing. Many times it has been seemingly reversed, as in “I know no-thing”. It could just as accurately be said as “I know everything (as it truly is – as no-thing!)

This “knowingness” is purely qualitative Love, void of experience, memories, images etc. Love is an equilibrium. Divided into the thinking of the Idea of Creation, which translates to the motion of Creation, Love is qualitatively dynanic – like a never beginning, never ending mental climax.

Love never goes out of equilibrium via this division, but to the senses, it seems to. The senses detect a build up and let down of Power/energy – and this is the illusion. The reality of infinite Power is that the division of it by the one idea of Creation is balanced; it is an equal division. All there is, is infinite power in equilibrium and the one idea of creation that creates an interchanging two of that one power, qualitatively known (not empirically as information gleaned through sensing) as changeless ecstasy.

PS, it terrified my family and friends to state matter of factly that Darcie French died, or never was. The verbal use of “I/ me, you” is like a tonic to ease fear.

Copyright@darciefrench 2022

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