Q&A on withdrawal of the senses

GM this post goes nicely with answering your questions about thinking – God’s Thinking is Balanced and thus the division of One Stillness into an interchanging two, presenting (to the senses) the illusion of appearance/disappearance/reappearance of effect of that division is KNOWN eternally, qualitatively, as interchanging ecstasy.

To ‘think about’ the database of sensed observations is not actually Thinking or Creating with God, rather it is ego based, as an extension of sensing duality of effects. Thus the experience is of change, of pleasure vs pain, gain vs loss etc, not of eternal, changeless ecstasy.

Withraw the senses altogether to Know the qualitative nature of every single thought there ever was as it cycles between a material thought body and an immaterial one.

All thoughts are simply records of Mind’s imaginings. They are not the Imaginer/Mind, but merely effects. To think about effects leads one nowhere but to a hamster on a wheel, so to speak. To know the qualitative nature of the Interchanging Point of all thoughts cycling between unmanifest and manifest is the Ultimate Ecstasy.

Q: DF, thanks so much for this writing.  As is my seeming mind, I like to ask questions.  So here goes… the part about senses withdrawn reminds me of the spider web being spun out and then withdrawn by the spider.  Came across this metaphor several times in my Indian studies.  I never however got much of a reason for the story however, while you seem to indicate that one will benefit by such withdrawal.  Alas, I need some more on this qualitative nature of thought as it cycles between a MTB and a ITB.  This is sounding like subtle body and material body that also I encountered in my Indian studies.  Then also, why BODY?  Also, I have learned to seek or witness the between two thoughts in my Indian studies.  How is this similar to or different from the cycling metaphor you wrote about towards the top of this post? 
I really like the thought about a qualitative nature rather than a recording!

A: GM, (Thought) bodies are the dual effects of the Creator’s divided (sequentially alternating concentrative/decentrative – inbreathing/outbreathing) Thinking/Breathing Idea to seeming life. Bodies are illusions/ simulations of the Reality of Mind,  or Godhead. God’s Thinking in Reality is Known to Be continuous, and sensed (the senses detect illusion only) to stop and start. Seeking /witnessing the “between” two thoughts seems to demand a sense of stopping and starting (starting at ‘the seeming end’ of one thought, and stopping at ‘the seeming beginning’ of the next).

Just as God/The Creator never begins nor ends, no thought ever begins or ends, thoughts eternally cycle between expansion into seeming ‘nothingness’ and contraction into seeming ‘somethingness’ along with the Thinking/Breathing of the Creator. 

The qualitative nature of the interchange between the immaterial thought body and the material thought body is continous – “they” flow as one, continuously, through the still point of the Imagining Self. As the body of Creation alternates between the dual halves of its body, God knows only continuous, changeless ecstasy.

The concept of locating the Silence/Stillness between two thoughts commands the sense of change, while Knowing the Interchanging Point of all thoughts (Godhead) is realization of changelessness. Being based in Balanced Thinking vs sequentially alternating one-sided sensing, ecstasy is the only changeless “emotion”.

This ecstasy is what one should seek, ideally through the innate realization of how the Mind works. Studying the Russell Cosmogeny and meditating on it will eventually/inevitably bring one to that point of divine understanding that is transcendental to sensing the illusion of two thoughts, and attempting to locate  “what is real”  between them.

Q: DF, I do care about what you have said; that does not mean I understand well what you have said!

A: GM, Sleep/meditate on/surrender the sense of confusion to Self’s balanced internal rhythms expressing Knowledge/Balance (withdraw into the Self until desire for re-expression naturally arises – you’ll feel the concentrative half of the Pulse of Life arise from the decentrative half, and Mind will be renewed).

Until the words bypass uncertainty and come to rest in the Self for re-expression through your “part” in the eternal expression of Allness, they will most likely seem foreign.

The Universal Law, Natural Science and Philosophy course by Walter and Lao Russell is meant to be completed over the span of a year, one part per month: this is to allow for the “down time” necessary for the expression of Balance.

Q: DF, Somehow your words are making sense on an intuitive or gut feeling level. 
So, just wait and don’t decide anything until what arises in me takes the lead?

A: GM, yes please.

Q: DF, I am reading the twelfth lesson presently, to get the big picture view… just started though.  I like to have as wide a view as possible. I do have a question however.  Kjbv is saying we cannot withdraw our senses, but that only Grace can do the withdrawal.  So, how does one withdraw their senses?

A: GM, The senses cannot withdraw themselves, per se – they are not the Self, and so can do nothing of their own accord. However, ONE IS GRACE – not the senses!!!

It is only IDENTITY MISPLACED TO THE SENSES that is the problem, and it is easily, and simply undone via correct “(re)placement” of Identity. Education about what the Self/Grace is, and what the senses are, goes a long way towards Self Realization, and the ability to rest in/Identify with Grace, vs identify with the senses.

It is only belief that one is not God that keeps one seemingly entrapped by the senses. The senses are pure illusion. Thus, surrender the sense of illusion and the ego database of sensed observations that goes with them (everything you have ever perceived via sensing) to God/Self/Grace’s Natural Rhythms of Self-expression. This is what I spontaneously, consciously “did” without “thinking about” anything, just prior to the State of Self-Realization I call the State in the fire.

My own Inner Voice said, “You don’t have to be here for this” (fear, identification with body/illusion) and I agreed without hesitation. Through a series of kind of backtracking thru the belief in separation, the seat of consciousness was severed from sensing, to Know Myself as One with God, not the sensed record of the body (the sense of body wholly disappeared, though KNOWLEDGE of it’s expression remained).

I describe this in my book.

Copyright ©️ Darcie French 2021

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