Withdrawal of the senses

Mind cannot be eliminated. Mind is synonymous with Self/Soul/Source/Creator/God. The ego database of sensed observations can be transcended via withdrawal of the senses, but Mind cannot be withdrawn, neither temporarily or permanently.

To say Mind can be eliminated is to say that God can die. It is a ludicrous supposition based purely in fantasy; based purely in conjecture of the senses.

However, SENSING effect can be withdrawn into Still Source (Reality), and Mind IMAGINING CREATION Known Purely as Rhythmic, Balanced, Interchanging ECSTASY.

If God ceased imagining rhythmic, balanced, interchanging motion, all of Creation would instantly be null and void. And this is an impossibility of Eternal Nature.

Thoughts are simply effect. They can ALL be withdrawn into Source via withdrawal of the senses and known qualitatively as rhythmic, balanced, interchanging ecstasy.

The entirety of Creation can be KNOWN as Pure Consciousness aka Balanced Thinking of One Stillness into a dynamically interchanging pair of motion in opposition (divine sex!).

“Let US (God the One, and the male and female aspect of division of One into an eternally interchanging pair – womb of space encompassing child of matter) make mankind in our likeness and image” (Genesis).

To strive to eliminate God’s ecstasy meant for Man to Know is akin to striving to eliminate God.

Mind eternally imagines motion. Thus is the still Creator and the seemingly moving (TO THE SENSES ALONE) body of Creation motionless, timeless, formless and ETERNAL.

Thus, all that need be “done” to Realize the Supreme Nature of the Self or the Supreme Personality of Godhead is recognize the senses for what they are – detectors of the illusion of duality – and withdraw them at will into the Oneness of Reality.

Withdrawal of the senses is all that “happens” in illumination, deep sleep and profound meditation, or communion, and one may learn to command the withdrawal of the senses at will.

Copyright@DarcieFrench 2021

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