Universal Law & COVID-19

COVID-19 is a virus that has transferred from animals to humans and then from humans to humans that originated at the Wuhan wet market in China. There are many other such viruses that are now affecting humans. In the Bhagavad Gita As It Is it discusses how, in our two-way reciprocal universe, the slave always rises to slay its master and pictures the animal rising up to slay the meat-eating human. The animal is in virus form today.

The Bible story about Cain and Abel, with some adjustments, could easily explain how some of the world has gotten off track by the belief that killing animals for meat is acceptable in the eyes of humanity and in the eyes of God. God is simply Universal Law. Universal Law is not complicated. Being one with Law is a simple matter of respecting and aligning with natural balance between the motion of death and the motion of life.

In the story, one of the brothers was a shepherd, and one was a farmer. Each were supposed to marry one of two sisters, but one of the brothers desired to marry the “more beautiful” sister who was supposed to marry the other brother.

In the story, Adam told the brothers to each make a sacrifice to God, and whichever sacrifice God approved of, that brother would get to marry the coveted sister.

As the story goes, Cain was the farmer and Abel was the shepherd. Cain apparently brought some seeds and produce from his garden as his sacrifice, and Abel apparently brought his best meat.

Here’s where the story went sideways and needs adjustment. God apparently was happy with Abel’s offering, but not with Cain’s. There is no mention in the story of why this was so, but with just a little logic, one can easily determine where the brother’s and their offerings got mixed up, the lesson behind it got lost, and an unfolding of a nightmare in Universal Law on the planet transpired.

God always accepts offerings of produce given with love (also from the Bhagavad Gita: “Krishna accepts only vegetarian food”) by returning that love to the one who offers it with generation, but He never returns generational love for a meat offering. A meat offering returns the motion of death in viruses and bad bacteria, not the motion of life in prebiotics and good bacteria. Let’s not mix “asshole with appetite” any longer. Fruit, vegetables and flowers are Prasadam, which means always acceptable food that works in a positive manner on the brain. I believe the brothers, their occupations, and their sacrificial offerings got mixed up in the telling of the story.

Cain, allegedly the farmer who offered the produce that was declined, then killed Abel.

The fable says that God put a curse on Cain for killing his brother, because his dead brother could no longer produce offspring for contributing to the whole of creation.

Here’s how I think the story really went: Cain was the shepherd who killed his best sheep for the sacrifice, and Abel was the farmer who offered his produce. Both were offered with expectant love by the brothers, but God did not accept Cain’s offering of meat with love, because then the best sheep, or seed of the flock, could no longer produce offspring, or wool, or anything else to contribute to the maturity and purpose of the balance of the motion of life and death. All the dead sheep, like the slain brother, could do was offer its wasted blood to the soil where virus and bacteria could fester and threaten bodies in its vicinity unequipped to recycle the material.

Cain, seeing that killing the sheep rendered it helpless to contribute to creation, killed his brother, too, so he could not marry the sister and also could not contribute to creation.

The lesson Adam was trying to teach was, “thou shalt not kill” – and yet the story tells that “it’s ok to kill” animals for meat. It’s not ok to end the balance of life and death prematurely – there are grave consequences to the interfering human. What is killed can no longer contribute to the generating half of the creating body, it contributes to the degenerating half, and every single body on the planet is subject to that maladjustment.

Offer seeds and produce to humanity and growth is encouraged by Source. Offer dead animals slain in lust and premature death is the return. It’s time to face, know, and be Law.

Copyright@Darcie French 2018-2020

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