It’s Time (To Face, Know, Be Law)

Viral = unbalanced spiral

We are reaping what we have sown with Covid-19, as we have historically with every natural disaster, no matter how “innocently” it occurs. Universal Law can be violated, but never broken – it will always Self-repair. The manifestation of violated Law always gets balanced whether we like it or not, until we figure out how to manifest Balance. It’s not that God judges and punishes – it is simply that we adjust our thinking to ascend. We become like Universal Lawyers, well-versed in the manifestation of Balance.

I wrote the book Without the idea of death: there is only Life and published it last fall. I had been writing and re-writing it for years, and suddenly there was an urgency to finishing it. At this juncture, mankind needs this book and the Russell Cosmogeny that it points the reader to, in order to understand the glory of Balanced Thinking, prevent civilization’s downfall, and recover from chronically cycling through dark ages. With the global quarantining and self-isolation going on, now is a great time to go within, and learn the two-way Law that eternally manifests itself.

I wasn’t predicting COVID-19 specifically, but I had known of the coming collapse of civilization as we know it for years. I knew without any doubt of the business collapse coming for my husband and me last fall. Not heeding my math advice, my husband violated Law by putting “might over right” in the name of monetary gain, and we paid dearly.

We are small dog breeders. At one point, in spite of my lecturing on balance, we had acquired too many dogs in too little an amount of space for each dog and we contracted canine parvovirus. Because of the numbers, were were unable to contain the spread. Except for being poor at Universal math together (which essentially moots the rest of this sentence) we were good dog breeders, spending the money necessary to ensure they had all they seemingly needed. The SPCA had no problem with our set up: the dogs were clean, groomed, trained, loved and well provided for, and the property kept clean. Our landlords have always given us good references. Animal control wasn’t a problem for us – we flew under the bylaw radar by ensuring our dogs were never a public nuisance. I say these things not in our defense, but to assure the reader that our intentions for the dogs were never poor. Our business supports the family and our dogs are part of the family.

The problem was we didn’t have the amount of money to procure the correct amount of space each pup needed over time as per Universal Law. It was a numbers game in motion, that could produce a serious loss given uncontrollable sequences of events that did eventually occur. Deadly viruses and bacterias occur as Nature’s way to ease congestion and open up space. We had no choice but to stop doing business as we were – pups were dying and the virus can stay on household items and in the environment, including the yard, for up to a year. We had to dispose of much of our household items and move to a disease free location in order to save un-vaccinated puppies. Right trumped might, and we lost dearly.

Balanced creating, whether it be a civilization of humans or a pack of domestic dogs, is a simple math equation between concentrated matter and the expanded vacuum of space around it that subtracts from and adds up to the manifestation of Balance. God’s thinking, or math, is balanced, and thus, so is “God’s House” – the universe. The two-way compensating universe is based in the equality of God’s two-way thinking. That which is expanded wholly compliments that which is concentrated. They work together via interchange. Without balanced interchange, residues of imbalance occur.

Miscreating is the manifestation of imbalance vs a simulation of Balance. One way man miscreates is via the unbalanced thinking to hoard too much organic material without enough encompassing space. Bodies are dual – there is the Earthen half and the half extending into the heavens. These two halves eternally interchange. Not enough space with too much concentrated matter creates the mechanism to open up the required amount of space.

The Covid-19 virus is a result of unbalanced thinking, just like the parvovirus. The motions of life and death become unbalanced in their interchange due to unequal-in-potential opposing conditions and the motion of death is sped up to balance or “reset” the expression of Idea. It could be said that viral is unbalanced spiral. When we huddle bodies together in too small of spaces, we manifest the mechanisms to eliminate excess concentration and create the necessary space for the ongoing pace of the Pulse of Life’s balanced interchange.

At the dawn of consciousness, it was as if we looked at our reflections and ran away from the image of God in fear. We feared Nature and instead of working with her rhythms, we stopped moving. Paralyzed with fear, we huddled bodies together in dank caves. We brought animals inside with us, and exacerbated those conditions. We divided Nature into good and evil, missing out on the use of half her power. We mixed “asshole with appetite” – we mixed “good” bacteria with “bad”. We took in too much darkness and carbon dioxide and not enough sunlight and oxygen. Our heavenly halves of our bodies starved as our out-breathing became out of sync with our in-breathing.

While we have come out of our caves somewhat, we still have a long ways to go to get in sync with the Reality of manifesting the Law. Instead of manifesting Love as a whole and complete Sonship, we still try to run, and hide, from ourselves. Covid-19 is telling us all, as one – it’s time to face, know and be the Law.

This is good. This is very good. 🙂

Copyright@Darcie French 2020

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