The Big Bang (& Suck)

Q: What is your opinion  on the big bang?

A: One with the still point of interchanging direction of motion, the flow of Creation is eternally known to be two ways. All effects of motion end where they began, to begin again. Stillness has no beginning or ending. All there is to the universe is Stillness and the illusion of motion beginning and ending.

There wasn’t a big bang that occurred all of it’s own accord an estimated amount of time ago. The universe is timeless and ageless.

It just seems like it had a beginning (and thus ending), from our limited perspective.

The big bang is an ongoing effect of motion.

If we had 360 degree perception we’d see the balancing other half of “the big suck” that is occurring simultaneously in order to support the eternally cycling suspended animation that the universe is.

The black hole is the invisible evidence of the big suck.

The sun is part of the visible evidence of the big bang.

The black hole and the sun balance one another. The appearance that is the sun could not be without the disappearance that is the black hole. Not only that, they eternally interchange roles.

Copyright@Darcie French 2020

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