Channeling and spirit guides

Q: What is your opinion on channeling and “spiritual guides”?

A: Channeling and Spirit guides are metaphysical impossibilities – they are capitalized “hocus pocus” with little to no honest truth to them.

There is never separation from the One Source/Soul, so no need for “reconnection” (it would seem doubly strange to pay another body for it!).

The thought realm is there for all in One – everyone’s thoughts,  “dead” or “alive” can be tuned into at any time through focused meditation (without a middleman). Eventually, that which seemed to go will be perceived as is.

Channeling and spirit guides are based in the belief in separation (plus a hierarchy of separation, when Spirit has no levels, and is indivisible). One with God/Law, Self is available on every channel and is eternal guide.

Channeling and guides, in my opinion, are diversions from seeing, knowing and being the Universal Law Self is, and thereby confidently making decisions by Self.

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