Sensing both halves of the creating body

We do evolve to 360 degree perception, wherein one can sense the two halves of the creating body at once. The more we think with God in all circumstances vs the ego and the deceptive senses, the faster our extrasensory perception develops. To think with God is to know of the eternal interchange of all dual forms flowing two-ways through their zero point of origin as Idea in the Mind of God, vs to believe with ego that there is only one temporarily alive body that is subject to permanent death.

An example: my husband and I used to run a business breeding/brokering small dogs. We were hit with the canine parvovirus, which prompted us to discontinue the bulk of our business. However, out of the experience of surrendering the temptation to side with the sense of devastation, a supernatural experience arose.

We had a tiny, genetically and structurally perfect AKC registered Yorkshire Terrier puppy, named Peanut, who was to be a future stud dog. His immediate monetary value was $3800 and long-term value projected to be much greater. But Peanut’s value to ego was nothing compared to his value in God.

He contracted parvo. My husband was standing in the living room, holding the puppy, and he was distraught knowing the puppy was sick and could likely die. Very sad seeming circumstances. I was tempted to think without God and I made the firm decision not to. As I decided, God suddenly breathed me deeply in, with great ineffable ecstasy that poured through my whole body, and as I was one with God on the topic and not ego, I “saw” both halves of their bodies: the puppy’s dual body, and my husband’s dual body. My husband’s concentrated body half was clearly stronger in preponderance than its decentrative half. Peanut’s concentrated body was “fading” into its other half.  Each half was known simply as the in-breath of God and the out-breath of God. And all there was to each body appearing, disappearing and reappearing, was the nonlinear ecstasy of the balanced “motions” of God breathing in and out.

As per my husband’s desire, Peanut received $4000 worth of medical care in an animal hospital before treatment failed and he had to be euthanized. His concentrated body was to disappear into its other half; it was time for God to ecstatically breathe him out. Seeing that it was time for Peanut to be breathed out, I would have euthanized him immediately, but my husband did not share the same spiritual sight and so we treated him first. We did what we could within our means to save him, and keep him for our sensed purposes – and yet ego cannot trump universal law – or the ecstasy of seeing, knowing, and being it.

In living, loving memory of Peanut, who continues as God’s Idea, the unfolding/refolding record of which can be wholly known with God in quality as Love interchanging with Love through one still point of Love.

Read more about knowledge of eternal Life in my book, “Without the idea of death: There is only Life”.

Copyright@Darcie French 2019


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