The Purpose of Creation is Creating

Q: May I put a hypothetical question ( for brain storming)…
For what purpose does an immortal formless appear here within a mortal form..
many believe that the purpose is pre-agreed. If that is true then whatever happens here with / by the duo of form & formless relates to the execution of that purpose…a delayed awakening plays a spoil sport in execution..
Who is the one responsible for this delay..
Who is the one who judges it as real / illusion.. ( the true self or separate self)..Does the performance form the basis of reincarnation if it so happens

A: Appearance and disappearance for reappearance of Creation is the eternal effect of the Creator’s heartbeat or pulse of “concentrative/decentrative thinking” (Walter Russell).

Over and over without deviation, “Brahma’s Day” becomes “Brahma’s Night” to become again “Brahma’s Day” as Father Brahma eternally thinks the Idea of Man that is eternally known. Idea is one indivisible magnetic Light at rest and the thinking of Idea into its seeming parts is Light seemingly divided into pairs of electric opposites that interchange roles, presenting the illusion of activity. As per the concentrative beat, suns, that are seeds unfolding the Idea of Man, appear from the measured space they were concentrated from. As the Creator decentrates or relaxes concentrated thinking back to the zero of space, the sun disappears into the vacuum created by its concentration and reappears on the other side of its wave axis. It’s an eternally consistent dance between concentration of light and decentration of light for reconcentration. Suns don’t die, they are eternally reborn.

The Creator’s thinking is known in Oneness with the magnetic Light of knowledge to be continuous. Qualitatively, void of identifying with the electric senses that note alternating sequence, the continuity of the concentrative pulse beat becoming the decentrative beat is changeless ecstasy. Due to the senses noting the effects of our own unbalanced thinking arising from ignorance of universal Law, we believe there is separation from the Creator’s knowledge and thinking that is some kind of “punishment” from God. We believe there is a “true self” and a “separate self” and yet there is only a seeming division between the Self of magnetic Light and the self in seeming motion (the effect of the body) via sensing.  The body eternally reflects the electric thinking of the magnetic Self that is Idea in the Mind of God. “John Smith” is not a limited body, but the unlimited Idea of John Smith. As John Smith knows the “Self as God created” or the Idea of John Smith, he then becomes Cosmic Man (Walter Russell) for he knows Oneness with God’s eternally balanced ecstasy thinking the Idea of John Smith into the seeming illusion of an eternally repetitive creating body. And he can then develop his body in the image of God’s balanced thinking and simulate this balance in all his creations. As John Smith eternally manifests God/Self, he is eternally ecstatic.

We believe there is a purpose to the record or effect of Creation beyond recording the Creator’s thinking for refolding back to seed pattern for ongoing transformation, and there isn’t. The purpose of all form is directly linked to the knowledge and thinking back of it. The purpose of Creation is the ecstatic nature of ongoing creating; it is knowing the ecstasy of balanced thinking/creating and simulating that balance with God’s modeling clay. Thus, does God only “incarnate” as a human who knows eternal Oneness with the formless ecstasy of the Creator’s thinking and does not identify with the stop-frames on that ecstasy by the belief in the life or death of form. 

Re: “pre-agreement” – there is only the Idea of Man eternally unfolding/refolding to unfold/refold again and everything goes according to this “Plan”. Each pair of opposites that seemingly find unity through contrast to illustrate the Creator’s imagining becomes the other. There is absolute order to the expression of Life. Creation is finite and limited; the Creator’s thinking process has limits to it that it never exceeds. It does not go beyond the expression of the One Idea or the exactly precise order and patterning of its unfolding/refolding. It is an exact, ordered process that has predictable and measurable effects all throughout the universe. The uni-verse is “one (limited) song” repeated without limitation to infinity. The “delayed awakening of the spoil sport” is routinely balanced as populations not working with universal law are routinely destroyed by the natural disaster that results. Via “the weeping in every home” that happens every Kali yuga as vice has seemingly overcome virtue, each and every one learns through the senses (sometimes the hard way) to work with universal law and manifest the balance of Heaven on Earth.

The responsibility for this “delay” is 1. ignorance of universal law 2. unwillingness to surrender to Universal law and Be (work with) the Law

All pattern unfolding from seed is carried back (refolded) to seed as it unfolds. Reincarnation is based in the Law that all motion repeats. Reincarnation is ongoing as the motion of life continuously becomes the motion of death to become again the motion of life – its all happening/unhappening Now – there are only intervals to the senses. The human body is a dual body of concentrated matter and decentrated/vacuum of space and it alternates its preponderance sequentially between both sides eternally. Reincarnation is inevitable, is unavoidable, and every pattern of unbalanced thinking is unwittingly repeated until one begins to manifest balance, by knowing and being the Law.

Illusion is sensed and believed to be Reality by the unknowing (the unknowing being lead by the senses) until the senses are transcended and Reality is known, and relief takes the place of belief.

Copyright@Darcie French 2019

2 thoughts on “The Purpose of Creation is Creating

  1. Hi Clayton,

    Immediately this section stands out to “poke holes” in the overall prophecy:

    “2) Eternal youth.

    More strictly, indefinitely extended youth and effectively unlimited lifespans. Transhumans, humans and their nonhuman animal companions don’t grow old and perish. Automated off-world backups allow restoration and “respawning” in case of catastrophic accidents. “Aging” exists only in the medical archives.”

    The above is not possible for any kind of organic body. Mankind evolves to know oneness with eternal life, and death of the body to be extended sleep and total restoration of it, but “eternal youth of the body that does not grow old and perish” goes entirely against universal law.

    I do, though, share the optimism expressed and knowledge of the fact that we are unfolding abilities that homo sapien cannot currently imagine.


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