Dear Mankind

The ascension is to a qualitative mental state that includes knowledge that when applied, equates to eternally being enabled to create balanced simulations of reality. The ascension puts a stop to continual seeming rebirth “into” the forgetful flesh and begins the eternity of life lived in Heaven with the body being controlled by Mind vs. enslaved by the senses.

The ascension is not, as commonly believed by the masses, a physical experience noted by the senses that gives the physical bodies of some more survival power than others (“others” being those who have not made the literal discovery believed to unearth the truth). The ascension is not about physical powers gleaned from literal discoveries but about the uncovering of the innate knowledge that enables the creation of Source-empowered states of physical well-being.

360 degree perception is not about trumping the material world and thus proving a limited portion of mankind’s “might over right”. It is not about locating a spaceship buried beneath the sphinx of an Egyptian pyramid that can potentially “fight (literal) alien bad guys” and/or take us off the planet we are self-destructing on out of sheer ignorance when it comes to applying knowledge. It is about uncovering the buried knowledge of how to transcend the alien thought that one is separated from the truth of what the ascension actually is, and how that knowledge can be applied individually for the universal betterment of all.

The ascension is about recalling the knowledge of being one with Source. It is about recalling the state of Mind that doesn’t locate all value in the seemingly living and dying simulated quantifications of the one reality and the one identity of Man. The ascension is the realization of the quality of eternal life that transcends all temporal perceptions of illusion.

So many seem to be putting value almost solely in the simulation of creation vs. the knowledge of Oneness with the Creator of it. So many with money and influence are still seeking for remnants of the ancient past in order to recreate a future of powering over ignorance with the enjoyment of temporary accolades vs. the ongoing application of innate eternal knowledge.

Many in the limelight of today’s New Age thinkers are still seeking for truth in the world of unrealities. Many are still putting faith into the deceptions of the senses, and ignoring that which is known.

Walter Russell explained how the universe works many many years ago – no “new” discoveries are necessary beyond the sharing, freely, of how to apply ancient knowledge in the now for the public good. This knowledge is explained by redeemer figures such as Jesus Christ as often as necessary (the necessity of the explanations bring driven by the decision of mankind to war against the Law of Love vs. to work with it) as Father Brahma’s yugas cycle from seed of idea to fully unfolded simulation of idea back to the seed to again unfold.

The physical universe unfolds to it’s high point of evolution to refold back to it’s starting point forever and ever. Countless times has the cosmic play started and ended until the star of the show realizes that he/she lives not as a living/dying body but solely as one with the eternally ecstatic, balanced interchange between all beginnings and endings of the entire repeating simulation of all of the one idea of creation.

It is again high time for mankind to go within to innate knowledge and by doing so uncover the buried truth, and from that point of ascension, apply the knowledge that is revealed.

Might I suggest the redemption of studying Walter and Lao Russell’s 12 part home study course. It is a focus point that leads away from the prideful accolades of discoveries of might for the few and towards the innate truth that is everyone’s right to know and apply. There are links to the information online. It is all free.

Copyright@Darcie French 2018

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