On Becoming Cosmic Man

All of mankind comes to understand fully from non-dimensional knowledge that the past and the future are one in the same – everyone comes to know the One Stillness backing the feedback/feedforward loop of seeming motion that creates and de-creates matter for its re-creation. Time seemingly going forward is simultaneously voided by time seemingly going backwards – both halves eternally power the other. Both halves together as one represent one eternity.

There is One Being Who thinks a still equilibrium of knowledge into seemingly opposite but potentially equal conditions to present the illusion of the one idea – creation- forever becoming manifest.

There is no life nor death to creation, there is only the illusion of them – all of Life is within the still equilibrium and never leaves it by the illusions of space and time that are necessary to make idea appear to be manifest.

The One Being that is God/Self/I is eternally aware of the ecstatic, rhythmic interchange between the seeming life and the seeming death of creation. The ultimate goal for all is to know and work with the Law of Love that creation is founded upon and to thereby know of Oneness with Self-ecstasy throughout all the periodicities of creation’s wave. There is only one element that seems to be a multitude of various different things.

The Bhagavad Gita explains the repetitive cycling of the yugas. Walter Russell explains it too. Those in our ancient past that knew more than we do ‘now’ are us ‘in the future’. This knowledge has eternally unfolded at various mature positions in the wave, and then refolded back into the idea’s seed to again unfold.

“Evolution and creation are one in the same thing” said Dr David R Hawkins.

Cosmic man, by the knowledge and application of the Law of Love, transcends all perceptual belief in wave positionalities to forever live as One with universal equilibrium. No longer subject to belief in ‘life vs death’ he/she has transcended both to live eternally in the balanced stillness of the nonlinear state of creative ecstasy.

Copyright@Darcie French 2018

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