Who are Adam and Eve? They are the two of the One Divine Trinity.

Father Adam and Mother Eve are the two oppositely sex-conditioned electrical lights of the Divine Trinity of One Father-Mother Light that is the basis of all of creation.

The Divine Trinity, that I was qualitatively made aware of Oneness with in the State in the Fire and with which Walter Russell’s quantitative explanation absolutely resonates, is explained by Walter Russell in his 12 part home study course on Universal Law, Natural Science and Philosophy part 3, lesson 9:

The universe of Creator and Creation is founded upon three elements –MIND– which is ONE– and the electric thinking of Mind– which is two, the two electric pulsations of the universal body.

The One Light of Mind is the unconditioned, undivided and sexless Father-Mother of the One Whole Idea of Creation.

The two divided lights of Mind thinking are the dually sex-conditioned Father and Mother of all body forms of the infinitely many ideas which constitute Creation.”

The One Mind, which is Father-Mother, plus the two electrical lights of Father and Mother make up the three of the Divine Trinity.

Father Adam and Mother Eve are never separated from the One Light that thinks them into electrical beingness. Father-Mother’s thinking are electrical pulsations: “One pulsation starts from rest in the magnetic Light at a zero point of desire, seeks a zero point of rest in the Light at the fulfillment of desire and returns to the zero point of its beginning to repeat in endless sequences“. In the State in the Fire (Light) that was void of perception of the electrical body of God and was purely qualitative in nature, I was one with all desire in Adam simultaneously fulfilled in Eve. The endless interchanging pulsations between desire going from rest to fulfillment are qualitatively known as one ineffable ecstasy- as the never-ending total and absolute climax of the One Balance between Love given and that same Love re-given.

All sex-conditioned male and female seeming forms that interchange with one another to reproduce parts of the One Idea reflect by their preponderance in conditioning the dually sex-conditioned lights of Mind thinking.

The Bible story of the garden of Eden falls short in its definition of Adam and Eve as the parents of only humanity because being the basis of all of creation, they are in fact the first two sexual partners conditioned by desire in the Mind of God that all of creation is seemingly born from and reproduced by.

The two lights of electric waves are Father and Mother of Creation” (Walter Russell)

For more of a description of the qualitative nature of the Divine Trinity between Mind Knowing and Mind Thinking, please download download my book and/or check out this blog post.

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