ACIM teaches forgiveness of the belief in illusion

The Course is a beginning“. Understanding A Course In Miracles is the beginning of being able to decipher the difference between knowledge and perception. As the Course is fully understood the illusion of creation does not disappear, it is simply no longer given credit for forming reality.

Creation is forever“; what doesn’t last is the belief in separation from the knowledge of creation by its expression.

What is meant by forgiveness? All there is to forgive is the belief in the illusions of perception that seem to convey separation from the truth of what one knows. There is nothing more than this to forgive. Like Socrates said, “Every man chooses what he believes to be his highest good“. He chooses illusion via the belief in perception. “Forgive them for they know not what they do,” said Jesus of his attackers. Those who crucified the body did so via the belief in illusion, without knowledge of truth. The Course enables one to cease choosing a thought system that only presents illusion to choose from.

At no point does the body exist“: at no point are imagined effects made into their Cause. One is not the embodiment of Idea, but the Thinker of the Idea Who expresses it in form. The artist is not in the painting; the mathematician is not in the formula. The Mind is never made physical.

What is the idea of death? It is the belief in perception made to seem real that gives eternal life to the ever transforming physical and thus presents the illusion of death by the body’s passing. “Creation is forever” – the body transforms by passing back to its seed of Idea for seeming rebirth. The misperception that the body dies vs is continually being reborn is the one major illusion that mankind has bought into since the dawn of consciousness (and the evolution of the brain to include the prefrontal cortex) stepped up mankind from being an animal controlled by instinct to becoming Cosmic Man. The Holy Spirit has forever answered the question “Who am I?” that arose at the dawn of consciousness with, “Thou art Me, and I am thou”. This is what those who attack creation know not. Cosmic Man no longer gives credence to perception and hears the Answer with the inner ears of Self-knowledge. Man becomes a knowing co-creator of illusion and assumes full control of His bodily creation; as the body is seemingly reborn He never again forgets Who He Really Is. The Course encourages the once entangled-in-illusion student to forgive the belief in separation from Source, and become a Teacher of absolute unity.

Copyright@Darcie French 2018


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