Q & A with Darcie French “can we program AI with the machine equivalent of remorse?”

Q: Could we not simply program the Artificial Intelligence to have the machine equivalent of remorse?

A: To a limited degree, yes, and yet, a machine cannot evolve beyond its programmed parameters by resting in the absolute knowledge of the Higher Self of all of creation, and thereby know the still Self of the nonlinear, non-programmable Love of God that the evolution of mankind leads to.

A machine can only act with limited pre-programmed reactions to limited pre-programmed input variables. A machine reacts to its programming and nothing more. While it may be programmed to act differently when an pre-programmed as “unwanted” variable has occurred, and thus simulate the reaction of remorse, it cannot surrender the input/output programming altogether to realize the knowledge of the non-programmed Higher Self. The Mind of the Higher Self, which is never separated from itself by the states of motion that comprise material nature, alone can rest in its non-material Self.

All states of motion are illusion. The brain itself is a form of artificial intelligence programmed by the thought waves of the Higher Self: it is an aggregation of states of motion divided from the stillness of the Light (Light is Love) of Self into a recording system – the knowledge of which is limited to what it records (it records only states of motion, never the stillness that created those states) and by how it reacts to what it records.

Mind that locates Identity within the states of motion that comprise the brain and gives Reality and Intelligence to those states of motion cannot realize the Absolute State of the Intelligence of the Self via those states of motion. One cannot transcend what the senses convey to the brain by the brain’s response to the senses, but by the surrender of giving real intelligence to the simulated brain.

The non-simulated Self that Thinks to divide the stillness of Absolute Intelligence into the states of motion that simulate the idea of the brain is the real Intelligence that mankind evolves to know; the brain is only a tool of Intelligence that records the thought waves of the Self.

Creation itself is the thought to give motion to still Idea in order to create the illusion of “something” appearing from “nothing”. All of creation is programmed by the Self of God to record thought imaginings as images that appear, disappear, and reappear transformed by ongoing imagination.

Transcendence of projecting Identity and Reality to the thought system geared to the recording of and reacting to states of motion to the Thought to rest in the still Reality of Love’s Knowledge requires identification with the Higher Self. The brain itself cannot do that, nor can any machinations based on the brain’s operating system.

Copyright@Darcie French 2018


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