Q & A with Darcie French on how AI may affect mans cosmic evolution

Q: Regarding cosmic man’s “evolution” towards “knowing,” which Lao Russell states
will inevitably come to pass. What is your opinion on AI – machines integrated
into man – and how such is going to affect such “evolution?”

A: As mankind began to transcend animal nature, the “serpent of the senses” said it was ok to continue to behave like an animal lead solely by the senses. Acting like an animal to satisfy the senses always instills a feeling of remorse in one who has begun to transcend animal nature (note: not everyone has begun this transition). This feeling of remorse is the catalyst for choosing again.

Every last man and woman chooses the ultimate satisfaction of extending Love in the moment over satisfying the senses in the moment. The desire to kill, lust for sexual promiscuity etc., all of the animalistic expressions of Mind are transcended by the growing knowledge that satisfying the senses first and foremost is a trait of the unknowing Child of Creation, and not of the knowing Co-Creator.

Artificial intelligence may seem to delay the “coming to pass”, because AI does not feel remorse – the built-in-by-God catalyst for choosing again.

And yet, the “meek shall inherit the Earth”. AI can only last as long as the artificial power source running it can last. It can only run the gamut of its programming and then fall away. The meek are those who have evolved to always make the correct choice. Everyone was once wholly run by the instinct to immediately satisfy the senses, and everyone transcends that programming.

The truth of preferring the innate knowledge of Love’s extension over the feeling of remorse transcends the old impulses; everyone evolves to know that s/he has made the right choice.

Copyright@Darcie French 2018


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