Q & A with Darcie French on releasing guilt over material wealth and instead increasing it to ease world suffering

Q: Hi, Darcie. Ever since I have gotten into teachings about the Absolute/God, I have felt terrible guilt about money. I have been having feelings that it is wrong to be wealthy, or at the very least not “spiritual”… What is the cause of this and how is this remedied? I thank you for any help you may provide.

A: Hi, Tim. I was recently asked a similar question. Here is the exchange copied from the blog post it occurred on:

“Q: Hello, Darcie. I have researched many spiritual experiences and in quite a few of them there is a total loss of interest in material wealth. Has this been your experience as well?

A: Hi there – immediately after the state in the fire there was a complete loss of interest in the material world altogether, and this state of disinterest lasted for years. The urge to “renounce the world” and live by myself with just the minimal basics was very strong. There was only interest in the quality of Love interchanging in Love. However, I remained innately loyal to my roles in a family setting. Interest in the material world, which simulates in seeming quantities this nonlinear interchange, resumed as a function of teaching the knowledge revealed in the state.

Q: Thank you for your response. Did the human interest in gaining material wealth return as well? Or are you now not interested in being “rich”

A: Yes, the human interest in material wealth has returned, although I would perhaps exchange the word “gaining” for “manifesting” and the phrase “being rich” for “creating abundance”. Manifesting material wealth seems to be a pleasant side effect of expressing the innate wealth of nonlinear knowledge.”

Now, to tie the above in with your question about feeling guilty over having money, or seeing the possession of material wealth as “not being spiritual”, and how to release those unwanted feelings.

All of creation is a simulation based on the Love extended by God for infinite re-extension. One still Light is seemingly divided into two moving ones that interchange with one another to become one another and forever make “something” appear from “nothing”.

There is only one shape that simulates through the matter produced “Love given for re-giving” (Walter Russell’s term) and that is the cube-sphere (also Walter Russell’s term – see his 12 part home study course for the metaphysics). Briefly put, the cube-sphere is replicated from the astronomical of the cube of space encompassing the sphere of sun (and systems of suns and space) to the atomic of the microscopic, and all sizes in between. All other shapes appear, disappear, and reappear by the interchange of thought given for re-giving between the cube and the sphere. The cube is the female, dark, expanded light, and the sphere is the male, incandescent, concentrated light. Eve is the cube, and Adam is the sphere (my terms).

What does the cube-sphere have to do with your question about money?

God’s only thought is to extend or give Love for re-giving. Man’s thoughts are extended and re-given in exactly the same way, though man doesn’t always think to create with the extension of Love.  In the state in the fire, all simulations of all thought given for re-giving disappeared, including my own “body of Eve” and my husband’s “body of Adam” and all there was to know was the interchanging qualities of the nonlinear Thought of Love extended from the still Light to forever interchange between the two seemingly moving ones. The only “motion” was qualitative, it was completely non-quantified – it was not motion as it is perceived via the senses. The only “motion” was the imperceptible, ineffably ecstatic and absolutely equal and balanced interchange of the quality of the Thought of Love given for re-giving.

When the simulations of the one cube-sphere of creation and all other shapes appearing and disappearing resumed being perceived, I had no interest whatsoever in them. I absolutely knew the difference between the Reality of Love’s Thought of giving for re-giving and the quantified examples of thought given for re-giving, and I wanted nothing to do with the unrealities of simulations. I wanted only to rest in the qualities of this Love interchange. I no longer cared to give my Identity or Reality in Love over to the simulations.

And yet, I continued to act in God’s Play in the name of Being Love. I didn’t leave my roles as wife and mother to go live by myself in an ashram, or as a “hermit” in the woods alone. While I fantasized about what it might be like to “leave everything”, I felt absolutely compelled to stay with my roles until they were all played out.

For about six years after the state in the fire, my family and I were mostly on disability as we had lost almost everything in the fire and I could no longer function within the old paradigm of a 9-5 job for earning income (and didn’t care myself about having more than what was required for basic survival). My husband used to be in heavy construction and his body burned out. This period was really tough, as I was the only one for whom the entire cube-sphere simulation disappeared into its nonlinear Reality and Source Identity.

Almost two years ago now, I stopped fantasizing about “not being here” – as in – not being associated with the body of Eve and all her roles including the one of income earner – and I began to hold in Mind the money needed to get the family off of disability, and to be able to provide them with all of the material things they felt they needed. I mostly meditated on the income needed, and did some activities related to bringing the idea forth, but at that time had no dynamic vocabulary to describe the metaphysical process of making “something” out of “nothing”.

About six months later, I discovered the works of Walter Russell, which absolutely matched up with the knowledge revealed in the state in the fire way back in 2009. His works gave me an entire new vocabulary to use to describe both the qualities of the knowledge revealed, and how those qualities are seemingly quantified. It clearly explained the metaphysics of how thought given is forever re-given: how what is held in Mind, which is Light, seemingly divides the Light into an interchange of two lights that images the imagining backing the thought that divides the Light. With the vocabulary from the Russell Cosmogeny, I was then able to take greater action on the thought to manifest money by pairing up the desired image with the imagining. I simultaneously also began to teach my family the mechanics of manifesting abundance. Together as a family, we have held in Mind and taken the appropriate actions to get ourselves off of disability. I have no doubt that we will become fully financially independent over time. The intention is to extend the “how-to” to everyone else under the spell of the old paradigm of being helpless to manifest one’s own desired abundance. Folks are mostly unwittingly manifesting their own disabilities – just as I was by the fantasy of “leaving everything” and living with nothing. Even the ashrams need power sources, somebody to do the dishes and change the beds, etc etc 😉

My “material” interest these days is in developing an engine based on the cube-sphere’s two-way process of interchange in order to alleviate some of the world’s issues with costly one-way power sources. I am continually holding it in Mind, and taking action to extend what’s held in Mind into form whenever I can. Over time, I will surely see it become manifest in the world.

Holding in Mind guilt over money will only divide the Light to reproduce quantified examples of that thought of guilt, and the effect will likely be a drain on your money vs. an increase in it that could surely help others learn to manifest their own abundance. My advice would be to instead hold in Mind material wealth with the concept of Love given for re-giving, and come up with creative ways to increase that material wealth and to use it to ease world suffering.

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6 thoughts on “Q & A with Darcie French on releasing guilt over material wealth and instead increasing it to ease world suffering

      1. Darcie French Post author

        Thank-you for the question. I haven’t forgotten; my appologies for the delay. Daily life has been very busy lately. I am preparing a response and will post it as soon as I can.


  1. Anonymous

    Thanks a bunch. 🙂 I have another question, too. What are your thoughts on watching violent movies, tv shows, playing violent games, etc.? No one wants to believe it, but I think it is akin to consuming junk food, it poisons your brain and makes you feel terrible.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Darcie French Post author

      My supreme pleasure. Your second question actually ties in very well with the response put together for your first question (which I am just about to publish in a new post).

      In a nutshell, all thought plus action divides the Light into seeming quantities of imaged forms that return to their source, multiplied. Violent thought and action is returned to its source, multiplied. People unwittingly translate their game play and the shows they watch into seeming life realities.

      Violent thought is counter-productive to leading a peaceful life with a normally functioning body.

      Any time one holds anything but Love in Mind, one suffers the consequences physically.



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