Q & A with Darcie French on time, karma and reincarnation with recontextualization of apparent differences in ACIM and the works of Walter Russell

Q: I read recently that ACIM teaches that since there is no time, there can be no karma nor reincarnation.  Once our body has refolded, we are just “there” again with God.  ACIM and Walter Russell overlap in many areas, but what is your thought on this apparent difference?

A: There is no difference except by Reality given to the seemingly apparent. The seemingly apparent is the appearance of illusion, not Reality 🙂

Being “there again with God” is the absolute state of Mind that has nothing to do with the body’s seeming states of unfolding or refolding. The absolute state is known regardless of whether the senses are depolarized or seemingly polarized.

Mind that gives Identity and Reality to illusion may believe in reincarnation and an afterlife of karma that is limited to the less than 1% that seemingly comprises matter, but this belief is based in giving Reality and Identity to the illusion of polarization in general. Mind that knows the State of Mind that is the Kingdom of Heaven, like Jesus Christ, who is ever fully aware of his Reality and Identity, knows that one is never one with the polarizing/depolarizing image but one with the Imaginer of the image and its purpose, and does not confuse Reality and Identity with the illusion of a seeming body sensing the illusions of seeming time and seeming space.

One never leaves the Mind of God by the seeming unfolding of the body-image, nor returns to God when the image refolds: one has never left God. God is the One Imaginer; “we” are seemingly formed representations of the imaginings of that One, that never leave the One by the products of imagination.

The belief in separation is, at its core, the belief in the illusion of time, space and a separate self seemingly subject to birth and death within it. This separation has never actually happened. One cannot be separated from God’s Idea of one. One is always “there” with God, the One Imaginer. One is never “here” with an imaged body. There is no Reality to the simulated lights of duality that simulate by reflection the multiplicity of the One’s imagination.

The simulated moving lights of imagining have no actual existence. All that exists is forever within the one still Light of the One’s Imagination; all seeming identities within time and space are forever only imagined in the stillness and all that is known by the Self’s one Identity is the Love of imagining. The simulated lights express this existence in Love via simulations of what is imagined in the Light. What is expressed is never made real. God is the Imaginer of His total body-image that is all of creation and includes all bodies, and yet the effects of His imagination are not Him. Movement is never stillness. One exists as an inseparable part of God’s still imagination, which is Cause, one is never the product or image expressed from what is imagined, which is effect.

Walter Russell explains the polarized senses as being a tiny portion of the outer edge of a slowly turning wheel that occasionally touches down on the ground briefly, but leaves it again and is not touching the ground for most of its cycle. The senses are mostly depolarized (99.999999% of matter is space. Only the smallest percentage of the Mind of God is seemingly polarized). Seeming appearance or polarization of the sense recording image is the touching down. Mind is never made physical by the touching down, though Love can be manifested through the physical, which, (like in football 🙂 ) is the whole purpose of the touch-down.  The senses are depolarized for the rest of the cycle and yet Identity remains as God imagined. “I am not a body, I am free. For I am still as God created me.” (ACIM) There is only Love interchanging in Love known to Identity as the quality of Reality. Images continue for the Imaginer forever imagines, and yet it is known that they are illusion and that one is one with the real quality of the Love that passes through the illusion of changing quantities. One lives only in the real interchange of Love as the simulated lights seem to interchange with one another.

Time and space are illusion, as is the timed image. Jesus knew as he seemingly walked the Earth exactly how much time there was allotted for his image, and what the purpose of it’s “time in space” is. He resurrects his image at the Will of God whether he is touching down or not, for the purpose of furthering the manifestation of Love through it (for instance, to transcribe the ACIM through the polarized senses of Helen Shucman). And yet, he is never “reincarnated” into/by the belief in being a body. He forever lives in the stillness knowing the totality of the whole cycle of seeming movement and the purpose of the whole play.

The wheel touches down over and over again as the cosmic play is repeated until everyone on that wheel transcends Identity and Reality given to illusion. The play unfolds again from the beginning, the sun is forever reborn, Love is Given to forever be reGiven, and yet the ascended from the wholly refolded wave become knowing messengers like Jesus in the new wave that is polarized from the depolarization of the old. The acting like a separate mind/body via giving Reality and Identity to the senses vs being of One Mind/Body and knowing of eternal Identity and Reality ends when one realizes that Mind is never made physical, that one is not one with the image made, but one with the Image Maker, Who is only Love, and Who imagines a play of that Love interchanging among the players. God imagines the moving interaction of still Love. One becomes forever aware of what is truth, and of what is illusion. Love is all that is real. One is never again “born into the forgetful flesh”; the senses may seem to be polarized for the purpose of manifesting Love, and yet they never again define one’s Reality or Identity. Each and every one of each and every wave of creation becomes Cosmic Man, knowing full well of the timing and the purpose of the image touching down, while simultaneously still living in the “high heavens of imagination” (Walter Russell) wherein what is expressed from imagination is known to never be created.

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