Q & A with Darcie French on two-way communication with God

Q: Is it possible to establish two-way communication with God while living on Earth as a human?

A: This communication is already established. The Voice for God has always been whispering from within to man, “We are One.”

The Inner Voice for God gets seemingly drowned out by the outer voice for ego that demands one associate the Self with the body and the information that the senses convey. One is not the body, but the Supreme Being of Man, one with the Light of God. Man and God share the same Self. One could not lift a finger without the Power of God creating the illusion of motion from the Stillness of the Light. One is unified with this Still Power, not with the illusion of motion.

My husband told a story just now about when he inquired to God as a child about, “what happens when you get old and die?” He and some friends were on a school yard, and one of the boys said, “I saw God in a cloud, asked a question and he answered it.” My husband said his family was always telling him, “Go to school and get a job, so you can look after yourself when you get old and die.” So he looked up into the clouds and genuinely asked the question of God, “What happens when you get old and die?” He said he immediately heard a Voice within answer, “You don’t”. He has never since bought into the programming that says he is a body that gets old and dies.

Genuine, child-like and authentic desire to communicate with God is all that is required to recognize the already established connection.

In the state in the fire, just before the universe disappeared, an inner Voice said, “You don’t have to be here for this”. I agreed completely and went into the state of ecstasy that is Oneness with God in the Light. It was revealed that one doesn’t have to give Identity and Reality to “a body”, ever.

Talk to God within with authenticity, knowing that there cannot be separation from Source by the illusion of outer motion arising from the Stillness of inner union.

Copyright@Darcie French 2018


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