Q & A with Darcie French “is there an afterlife paradise we can have or be anything without limits?”

Q: Is there an afterlife paradise where we can have or be anything without limits?

A: There is no “afterlife”; an afterlife is as theoretical as creation itself is. There is only “Now” that is eternal Life and is not limited to the physical. Belief in the Self being a body limits one to the physical; the Self of God is not the body of God. Creation is a manifestation of God’s meditation.

Life never leaves the Light of the One Self of God: one is that Self. One is not the states of motion that comprise the body, but the Stillness that controls all motion.

Once one knows of the Person that one is, and one begins to apply that knowledge, one can begin to manifest whatever one wants by following the Law of Love. The Law is acted out within the universal limitations of time and space.

Jesus said, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven, and all else will be added to you.” The Kingdom of Heaven is limitless formless ecstasy. Within universal limits, and to the extent that one knows of Oneness with the Supreme Being of the Self in the Kingdom of Heaven, one can simulate that ecstasy in form as one so desires.

How to?

Check out Walter and Lao Russell’s 12 part home study course to learn the sacred geometry of creation. As you do the course, you will gradually come to know the Self.

Give up substances and activities that program the body cells to tell the brain to continually seek them out and that thereby drown out the Voice for God and amplify the voice for ego (alcohol, caffeine, meat, drugs, video games etc). Purification is necessary in order to put knowledge into effect, otherwise, Mind gets seemingly entangled in the unwanted effects of addiction. It is difficult to transcend consciousness that is seemingly controlled by satiation of the senses.

Sleep and meditate on what you want at night, and radiate, through physical activity, the body during the day to collect in form the formless inspiration of the night. Following the law of Love is finding that perfect balance between decentration (formless meditation on what you want to manifest) and concentration (actively giving it form).

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8 thoughts on “Q & A with Darcie French “is there an afterlife paradise we can have or be anything without limits?”

  1. Peter Langston

    If there is no afterlife, that means that those who commit horrible acts to gain great wealth get to enjoy that with no consequence. That doesn’t sound very good.

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  2. Peter Langston

    I have another comment…
    You say that Heaven is limitless ecstasy. Why would we ever leave that to come to this terrible place!?

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  3. Darcie French Post author

    Heaven is never left but seemingly, by giving Reality and Identity to the ego’s thought system that is lead by the senses. The body in balance with the Law of Love runs as if on Autopilot. One simulates a life-in-form based on the balanced formless interchange of ecstasy in Heaven.


      1. Darcie French Post author

        One never “lives a life here in form”. One is never bound to illusion; one is forever unified in formless truth. We do remain in formlessness – the still Self is never created by the illusion of a moving self-image. Giving the illusion of moving form to still, formless Idea is innate to the Mind of the Creator, wherein one lives forever as the Idea, not the image. One is not the motion, but the stillness that controls the motion. Man is co-creator of his self-image, which is an imagined tool for expressing Love. The body is an imaged framework for the ability to Give Love for reGiving. Love Given is always returned to the Giver multiplied. Create the illusion of Heaven on Earth by following the Law of Love: ever first give Love, knowing that it will be returned for reGiving, multiplied.


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