Q & A with Darcie French on what will become of money and a timeline for the ascension

Q: Hello. What will become of money? Will we continue using it up until we “ascend” into being “Cosmic Man”? What is the time frame on this ascension for Earth, and do you believe other civilizations have already done it in the universe?

A: The senses can only perceive of the wave cycle radiation, they cannot perceive gravity, and so radiation is studied and simulated.

By over-simulating radiation without including gravity, we are continually exhausting our storage batteries without sequentially alternating their discharging with equal, balanced charging of them.

The decentration of sleep and meditation charges batteries, and concentration which is unwound by activity discharges them.

We, as in mass consciousness, think we can get away without charging our batteries, and still keep endlessly concentrating and expending energy. We rely on money, and the substitutes that money can buy, to try and keep our bodies that are moving and resting out of alignment with the Pulse of Life comfortable.

It is simple how we manufacture the diseases of unbalanced interchange. The restless legs from a lifetime of over-extension without alternating equal, balanced retraction walk the Alzheimer’s patient ceaselessly until recovery of balance in source.

Gravity, the balancing counter to radiation, is spiritual; it can only be known. Cosmic consciousness is knowing how gravity and radiation interchange sequentially as an alternating pulse beat, and knowingly simulating this pulse beat in one’s patterns of rest and activity. Gravity must be included for the equation to be balanced. Unknowing man increases his expenses and decreases his assets. Cosmic Man perfectly simulates what He perfectly knows, and comprehends perfect balance in all of his manifestations.

There is the idea of death because ‘life appearing to be radiated back to the heavens’ – is what is perceived and simulated without including the disappearance of life’s generation.

One cannot perceive the first octaves of mass generation that happen in invisible space where gravity is concentrating the idea into its form to be radiated back to source for re-concentration. One can only know this is occurring. This is why knowledge alone can transcend the senses.

Without gravity appearing something from nothing, there would be nothing to radiate back to something.

The concentrated sun and the decentrated black hole measured out as one account for the unfolding/refolding Idea of Man continually interchange with one another by reversal of their states of motion. Gravity’s motion winds space into suns and radiation’s motion, the reverse of gravity’s, in turn unwinds them back to space to be rewound into another sun. Gravity turns space outside in, and radiation turns suns inside out. This outside-in/inside-out process is continuous. What God knows of the quality of this interchange is supreme ecstasy. God’s bank account is in continuous balance between debit and credit; what is debit becomes credit and what is credit becomes debit. The entire account is measured out as one, and then divided equally between the two that interchange.

Mankind is focused on the empirical evidence the senses provide via noting the radiation or debits from the account alone. Work is completed by expending energy with little credence given to the necessity of alternating activity with sleep and meditation in order to concentrate the life one desires to radiate. One must get to know gravity in order to simulate the balance of God, and know His ecstasy throughout all of one’s simulations.

Money seems necessary because we are not using our full power of manifestation. We are mostly just spending our power, and thus need money to compensate. We are also unwittingly gravitating the unwanted by working without knowledge of how gravity and radiation work.

In consideration of the above, money will likely remain in effect until mankind knowledgeably includes the power of gravity in his equation for manifestation. One who can manifest what he wants for the next day by meditating on it in his sleep needs no financial assistance.

Universal civilizations are completing the ascension all the time. Evidence of the knowledge of gravity having already been on Earth is, for example, in the pyramids. The Resonance Academy seems to be into studying ancient civilizations and aliens in this regard. I have not participated in their program since January 2017, so I can’t say for sure, but you may wish to check them out.

God allows “all the time needed in the world” as the saying goes for the ascension. The ascension is done for all in the one account when the sun is fully unwound and starts over again with the new account of the new sun that is rewound. Delays occur when man loses his classroom too soon by his own doing (ie war), and needs to start over.

According to Walter Russell, in our solar system, Venus is up next for the Cosmic Play to unfold upon.

Copyright@Darcie French 2018



5 thoughts on “Q & A with Darcie French on what will become of money and a timeline for the ascension

    1. Shandra

      What a nasty thing to say! You should be ashamed of yourself. Maybe you will be reincarnated as a snail to learn some humility.



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