Q & A with Darcie French on “cruelty in Nature” and becoming vegan

Q: Any thoughts on why the seeming cruel nature of Nature, i.e., pain and suffering of animals eating one another came about in the big picture? The necessity of the food chain creates fear which we know isn’t of God.

A: There is no cruelty in Nature’s rhythmic balanced interchanging between appearance and disappearance.

Cruelty occurs when life’s unfolding/refolding expression is purposefully kept out of balance with natural rhythms. Disruption of natural process occurs when man interferes with the rhythms of the Pulse of Life’s expression. One example is by containing animals from their natural environment, and killing them in excess for man’s convenience vs participating in the hunting of a wild animal in a humane fashion.

In Nature, plant life is food for all life; only the old, the weak and species in excess numbers are prey to hungry predators who instinctively prey on them in the name of maintaining the natural balance of the whole.

Man routinely upsets Nature’s balance by the idea to hoard in excess, or exterminate, parts of Nature for his own reasons. The upset of natural balance in the environment and to the world populace from the hoarding of animals for convenient slaughter and convenient consumption is phenomenal. Obesity, short life spans and other diseases of inactivity combined with gluttony would not exist if everybody participated in natural balance by gathering or hunting their own food in the wild.

Outlawing the cannabis plant is another way man’s ability to manifest Love through the physical has been compromised, by putting his consumption habits out of alignment with what is naturally available and easily collected and consumed in Nature. The cannabis plant is a hearty weed that grows naturally all over the world and is an excellent source of plant based protein, fiber and nutrients for the endocannabinoid system that do not exist in any other plant. If we grew and ate cannabis vs cows, the world population would be much healthier, both mentally and physically, as we would be acting more in alignment with what Nature provides, and thus more in alignment with the Pulse of Life. The cannabis plant thrives under both the sun and a light bulb alike, so long as it has nutrient rich dirt and water.

A carefully tended lawn of grass in front of the house is another example of man being out of balance with Nature — it could be a garden of food to eat.

The Native Indians, prior to adopting European farming ways, or folks living in places like Alaska who hunt in accordance with natural law took/take only what they need(ed), as they need(ed) it. The “white man’s” ways of hoarding animals all their lives in unnatural spaces, on unnatural foods, and with other unnatural conditions in order to slaughter them to satisfy his own gluttony are cruel because they force imbalance.

Q: I am near the point of becoming vegan. But even though plants are lower down on the consciousness level, they still are conscious. I have read that the smell grass emits after it has been mowed is an indicator that it has been injured. So, if this reality is not real, does it matter about the entire food chain at all?

A: “All of life serves all of life” said Dr David R Hawkins. Plants are food for all of life, and animals are food for some animals and some populace’s of man where plant life is minimal.

In an ideal setting, ie the “Garden of Eden”, man plucks his plant-based food from its stalk and eats it as he is hungry with no gaps in locating food or experiencing hunger. That which is pruned in a balanced fashion in Nature grows back multiplied.

Evolution over the eons is a good example of how life serves life. There is nothing wrong with the consumption of animal meat in accordance with one life serving another life – the wolf that kills and eats the sick or elderly deer is not “evil” – like the hunter-man who copies the wolf’s ways humanely, he is simply satisfying his hunger and that of his kin’s. The man that keeps and kills animals for convenient gluttony is not evil either, but ignorant to the Law of Love – he does not yet link his problems and those of his kin to the cause of his own actions. He is lead by the belief that he is doing the right thing.

Neither animal nor man are evil for what they consume, but controlled by the senses and the lower ego’s programming to “get for the body at all costs” – they are not yet evolved beyond the ways of “the jungle” when it comes to satisfying hunger.

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6 thoughts on “Q & A with Darcie French on “cruelty in Nature” and becoming vegan

  1. Alexandra

    I agree with you on most but cannabis is not indigenous to earth and Gaia; it was brought here by extraterrestrials. THC is a diruptor to the nervous system. Gaia has embraced it so who am I to argue. Cannabinoids might be a different story and a different extraction process and use. BUT The weed that we buy today is not the same weed that was used by the indigenous people it has been bred for profit and often is heavily sprayed with pesticides. Even weed in Colorado that has been distributed by dispensaries still showed 3 times the legal limit of pesticides. I’ve known 3 hippy growers that miserably died of cancer and I asked myself why??? They smoked their product every day, If it cures cancer they should have been spared!?! Weed can give releave to people in pain and I do not want to take it from them. Even a disruptor can be used in healing breaking open a stuck condition in the mind or body. My advice: Buy organic and use with caution.
    Some of the pot users around me are the most egocentric, neurotic anxious people. If it opens your heart it is because of you not because of the pot. Legalize and be aware: Plant Spirits are powerful beings. We can fall out of harmony with them as well.

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    1. Darcie French Post author

      Thank-You; in my opionion, smoking marijuana has no health benefits beyond temporarily easing the idea of death. The fear it eases comes back multiplied when the smoke wears off. In my experience (I smoked it for over 30 years and quit due to the health impairments) it is best to grow it for self and eat it fresh.


  2. Anonymous

    Hi. Apparently my question did not reach you for some reason. Have you had past lives and can you tell us about them? Thank you. 🙂

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  3. Darcie French Post author

    There are countless incarnations of the “framework for developing abilities” (term from ACIM) in the cycling of life’s expression as man ascends to Knowing His Self as a Supreme Being existing not as a body that comes and goes but as eternal Idea, inseparable from the Godhead/Mind of God/Self of God. The ego would love for the body to have special status in space and time, because the ego loves to attempt to put reality and identity where it cannot be contained.

    I am always Me; I am never the body that simulates My Idea. The body is a tool for Self-expression. The Self expresses Love; the body is a learning tool for expressing Love. As the creature of man evolves, one gets better and better at the ability to express Love under all circumstances, until the body of dust and its Earthen classroom are no longer necessary learning tools. One becomes Cosmic Man, knowingly one with the Self of God, able to command matter within universal limits at will. Incarnations of Cosmic Man are Self-induced and Self-controlled.

    Jesus is an example of Cosmic Man who Self-wills the resurrection of His form, and uses it as it is needed in a teaching capacity. Jesus was only incarnated in the flesh once. He acted his role perfectly and learned the lesson all in “one shot”. He is always the perfect example of the Supreme Being of Man, Who Knows without form, and comprehends with form, only Love.


  4. Samuel Hicks

    Hello. What will become of money? Will we continue using it up until we “ascend” into being “Cosmic Man”? What is the time frame on this ascension for Earth, and do you believe other civilizations have already done it in the universe?

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