Q & A with Darcie French on wealth inequality

Q: One of the main causes of suffering in the world today is extreme wealth inequality. What are your thoughts on that issue? Thank you. 🙂

A: Everyone inherits the same equality as co-creator from God; no one is lacking Oneness with Power Source, nor the ability to manifest abundance. There are, though, differing levels of awareness of this inheritance. Most of the world is still “in the jungle”, practicing jungle ways that are based in reacting to the body cells speaking to the brain, vs physically applying inspired thinking with God. The population will come to Know God as the Self and manifest abundance as One, but until then, there will be discrepancies in material wealth.

Material greed has contributed to world wealth inequality, but the core of the issue is lack of awareness of Oneness with Power Source. Ability to manifest abundance doesn’t lay in the world of perception founded on the the body’s seeming abilities, but in the level of awareness of the non-physical Source of abundance within one. The average person has no idea that what one holds in Formless Mind manifests in form. The ignorant masses, holding in Mind the fear of bodily death in place of awareness of eternal life, are unwittingly manifesting their own suffering by what is held in Mind.

The world of perception is founded upon the idea that the body is the Self, and thereby does greed for the body become a problem. Yet teach a man who is open to learning that he is not lacking Power because of his bodily condition, that he is One with Source as the very Idea of Man — that he is a Supreme eternal Being — and he will forget his body condition by creatively manifesting his own eternal Self.

To give an example, my husband was a gaming addict for many years because he was very good at it, and he believed that he could not do better for himself. He believed that since he didn’t finish high school, and that because his body was weakened from years of being in construction and could no longer perform adequately in the field, that he could not manifest abundance for himself or his family. In the gaming world, however, just by his own creativity, he manifested all sorts of abundance that others playing the game did not know how to do. He was content to be king in his own little world, but our family life had become hell. I suggested he stop gaming and apply his creativity in the gaming world to our life together, and he did so. Our family business income went from below the poverty level to well above in a few months. The pride in taking love for himself was transformed by the courage to manifest love that can be shared with the whole.

The one who is ignorant of Oneness and plagued by the idea that death of the body means death of the Self manifests the seeming loss of his inheritance from God, and yet this inheritance can never be lost. All it takes to begin to “regain it” is an increase in Self-Awareness.

“Teach a man to fish” means teach him of his Oneness with the Source of all fish.

Copyright@Darcie French 2018


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