The difference between my spiritual awakening experiences and the spontaneous enlightenment that transcended all experience

In December 2007, after a year of spiritual work, there was a period of illumination that lasted several weeks. Perception had gone from perceiving darkness to perceiving light. There was the expanded view from space, wherein it was perceptually understood that the universe is one creating/transforming unit. The “higher state” left after a few weeks, and my mental health plummeted in the opposite direction at its loss. The higher state was achieved again for temporary periods of time, but only by the contrast of going from dark to light again. Without the darkness effect, there could be no lighting effect.

In October 2009, there was a total and spontaneous disconnect from perception of the illusion of duality to rest in Cause with zero effect. This was not an experience: perception was non-operational. It was completely different than the awakening experience, wherein I had only been awakened partially by the beauty in the contrast from dark to light. The Christ was revealed, but then again veiled. In October 2009, I realized the Law of Love in its absolute state, without any perception of illusion, without any comparison between “light and dark”. I became one with the dual lights of God’s Thinking, and I knew only the Qualities-in-One of the Interchange of Love that is God’s extension/retraction of Thought.

Walter Russell has written down the scientific vocabulary that describes this Interchange of Love and it’s expression of outer change. His vocabulary matches up perfectly with the total knowledge revealed in the state, and so his is the work I recommend to the public interested in describing Oneness dynamically.

Creation is continually transforming, by one volume simultaneously turning inside out, and outside in. This truth cannot be sensed, it can only be known. The senses note only a tiny portion of outer change. Knowledge encompasses the whole of creation’s “parts” by awareness of the ongoing interchange that provides the illusion of outer change.

It seems that the experience of December 07 was the first of several awakening experiences, but it was not “the final doorway” of October 2009.

It took almost nine years to be able to recall the state in the fire of October 2009 without literally falling over, and back into the nonlinear ecstasy of it. I give credit to my husband for his desire to have his wife by his side: he kept the body alive, when I was more than happy to just let it go.

Everyone is working as One. Without my husband’s help, the book “Without the idea of death: There is only Life” would not have been written.

Today, I am able to recall the state and maintain functioning. I am able to write and speak about the state — without falling back into it.

It seems the perceptual awakening experience of 2007 is becoming commonplace to discuss, as mankind ascends from homo barbarian to Homo Spiritus. What may be statistically less discussed is the state in the fire, wherein perception wholly disappeared, and was known to be illusion. The Absolute State cannot be described by comparison between dark and light, ego and spiritual ego. It can only be described as Oneness with the Light itself.

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