Translating the ineffable to be f-able

In the state in the fire, wherein the universe of form disappeared in a flash into the ecstasy of God’s dynamic thinking that expresses the formless idea of me in seeming form, all knowledge was included. The universe of form, and how it comes to seem to be, was absolutely, ineffably included in the Formless.

Everything expressed by the dual lights of creating from the One Light of Creation was included in the state, though nothing formed had ever been, because the creation of multiplicity is an illusion of One Light.

All there was in the state in the fire was Love Begetting Love, Love Becoming Love, Love Given to be re-Given as the same Love. There was only the pinnacle of climax of Love eternally making Love, with Love.

That is all the universe of form is: an illusion of Love making Love. Everything that appears from the stillness of Love Being Love is expressed by the illusion of Love being made in motion, through interchanging opposite states.

This interchange between opposing states is the source of all that is seeming, and this interchange simulates the Truth of Reality. To simulate Reality, all matter is making Love with space. All breaths out are making Love with breaths in. All compression is making Love with expansion. Duality is the expression of One Love, interchanging in One Love.

The state in the fire was ineffable. I said to hubby this evening before writing this post, “my task is to interpret the ineffable in words that can be understood. My task is to make the ineffable effable. Is ‘effable’ even a word?”

He replied without skipping a beat, “Your task is to make the ineffable f-able.” I laughed.


Copyright@Darcie French 2018


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