Q & A with Darcie French on the programming of seemingly Love-less robots

Q: Hello. How do you know so-called “other” people actually have their own minds, and aren’t merely projections from your own? It could be that they are just characters in your dream with no minds of their own and no self-awareness. They would have no inner-life, no more than a robot that looked and behaved exactly like a human would.

A: All is expressed from the One Supreme Person, from One Mind. All is perfect and balanced in the One. The illusion of separate minds is created by the belief that seeming multiples divide the One into many.

Unbalance and imperfection exist not, <therefore>, save in man’s timed seeing. For him who knows My Light there is no timed seeing.” (Divine Iliad)

Perhaps it could be said that the seeming multiples, apparently entangled in fight or flight with the idea of death for the duration of their “timed seeing”, are like programmed robots. The belief upheld is that One is going to power out and be unable to consume desires when the outer gear is unplugged; therefore, the inclination is to take as much that can possibly be taken, while it can be taken. Endless taking turns One into a kind of automaton of lack, who knows not Love re-given.

And yet, everyOne refolds to timeless perfection and balance in One, which is inherited with rebirth. EveryOne is ascending to working Knowledge of Oneness, though it seems to take eons longer for the One who carries the desire to take in their Seed pattern. As it says in the ACIM, “the teacher of God saves time”. Give Love Now, and re-pattern the Seed for abundance.

The power never goes out. Many will walk the earth in take-mode seemingly endlessly, like robots, until the Light is desired. The desires for substitutes for the inner Light run out. Everyone is evolving towards the day that the substitutes are released, the Light is Known, and the illusion of death is transcended. EveryOne wakes up to Know Love forever; One with the Light, there is no longer seeming separation between the interchanging pulse beats of unfolding and refolding. One with the Light, there is no longer the sensation of lack, nor the need to take.

Copyright@Darcie French 2018



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