When the ego says, “hey you” — don’t listen

Matter is 99.9999% space. The physical body of the Sonship is the illusion of incandescent light interchanging within a cube of dark light.

“Hey you,” says the ego of consciousness to the Son of God, “limit the Self to less than 1% – limit the Self to the part that ‘appears’ and ‘disappears’ and reap the ‘benefits’.

Calling the Son of God physical reduces his Glory to next to nothing. It limits him to a life of suffering and pain, wherein he is seemingly removed from being able to expand in his Source.

Mind is not supposed to fixate on the sensation of the fear of death/refolding. Fixating on upholding less than 1% of Glory can do nothing but produce the sensation of fear. Laugh this sensation off.

One is not limited by One’s appearance or disappearance. Adam and Eve are not in love with one another for a tragic time, but within the One, forever. The Quality of refolding and unfolding is Known to be Pure Ecstasy.  Only the Ecstasy of Knowing Eternal Life does the ego fear.

When the ego says, “hey you” — don’t listen.

Copyright@Darcie French 2018



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