Q & A with Darcie French on achieving physical immortality

What happens when you die? One is never born into a body; One never leaves One’s Conception in the Light of Love. God is the Conceiver of Love. Mortality is the illusion of death, plus improper belief given to it. Immortality is proper Identification with the Life in the eternal non-reflected Light of Love’s Conception.

Life arises not from the body; the body is a space ship made of imagined light reflections. The body does not form One’s reality. Mass is 99.9999% space; Mind is never made physical. Death of the space ship is a sequential part of its rebirth, with upgrades.

Q: Hello, Darcie. Do you know how to achieve immortality in the physical form? Is it even possible?

A: Mind is never made physical, it only appears to be; spacetime and all of its seeming definition and movement are illusions of One Light unfolding into many and refolding back into the Timeless, Non-dimensional One.

The last “instance” of refolding back into One was the last time you forgot the electrical tension of balancing the moving space ship for the effortless stillness of Magnetic Balance. Blinking the eyes closed is an example of refolding back to the Balanced One, opening them an example of seeming to unfold into many unbalanced ones seeking balance.

Unfolding/refolding or breath out/breath in are the interchanging “essential elements” of the Pulse of Life that are eternal and inseparable. To “stay” with one element over the other is not possible; every time one blinks, perceptual illusion refolds back into One to unfold again when the eyes re-open. Death of the body, in temporal terms, is a longer blink. Death of the body is wanted when its time comes (the body is happily discarded); refolding is as natural as unfolding.

One Light remains undivided by the illusion of form unfolding within dimension. When the perceptual illusion disappears, or refolds back into One, there is only Love interchanging in Love Known (vs experienced through the physical, as the physical was never made real).

“All experiences extend from love, and love awaits their completion in love.” (Walter Russell) This Knowledge is the “Holy Grail”: through it, belief in giving the physical reality is eternally transcended. The confusion about what the body is for is cleared up for good; awakened Knowledge is carried through.

The body is meant to eternally manifest the nonlinear, non-physical Love of One’s Identity and Reality. It is a tool for manifesting the Love that is A Priori to all else, and awaits the completion of all else.

“Quantities of sensed matter in motion” (Walter Russell) only seem to form realities of perception; never do they make shape of One’s Reality & Identity.

Copyright@Darcie French 2018


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