One is never locked in form; One is ever the Potential that extends beyond it

The metaphysical point of creating is to manufacture cube-sphere light mediums through which to express, for the purpose of Knowing, nonlinear Love. The purpose of creating is not to identify with the mediums and their seeming limitations, but with the unlimited Potential that backs their creation.

Mind, which is invisible Love — unlimited Potential — cannot be made physically, visibly limited. Word cannot be made into flesh — matter is 99.99999% space; and yet The Word of Love can be known through the physical as One identifies with the extension of it that is beyond the physical. Identify not with the physical to pay testimony to the ecstasy of creating, but with the inspired thinking that extends beyond it, and is the eternal continuation of Word that is one’s Reality and Identity. The body never forms one’s Reality and Identity; it but expresses the Love of One’s Reality and Identity that is desired to be Known through it.

The point of creating a framework for developing abilities is to identify with the Love backing it that is expressed through it. The point is not to behold in the framework the idea of death, for beholding the idea of death creates instead a framework for disabilities. Potential is never realized through identification with limitation, but by the Self-Correction that releases the false belief.

By simulating between the framework and its environment the Perfect Love Interchange between Adam and Eve, Father-Mother God’s dual light workers of creation who together unfold and refold The One Idea of Man, One expresses light to Know the Quality of the Equal, Balanced Love of God. Adam and Eve are perfect equals, seemingly divided from One Perfect Equality, who tell the story of their perfect equality. One sex-conditioned light cannot be superior to the other; they cannot be separated from their Equality in One. Qualitatively, they are the same Light.

The Idea of Man, Beloved by Father-Mother God is forever; it forever repeats as each Fathering sun is born to project the motion picture back onto Mothering space. Metaphysically speaking, God’s “Sons” are His concentrated spheres or suns, His-Her “Daughters” are the suns’ decentrated cubes of space or black holes, indivisible from His-Her spherical suns. Father-Mother God is only divisible into male and female as an illusion to teach of Oneness; Father-Mother Source never actually becomes father and mother, or son and daughter.

Sacred geometry also describes the heterosexuality of creating the illusion of the division of One to multiply One. The cube-sphere is the “One Son of God” that plays out, by interchange between the two shapes (cube of space and sphere of sun), the One Idea of Man. There is no end to the story as Mother Cube and Father Sphere eternally Make Love by Interchanging with each other, to become the other. As the sphere’s story unfolds in the cube, the cube refolds what the sphere gives her, and gives birth again to the sphere.

Father-Mother God is all about inexhaustible Love, interchanging with inexhaustible Love. Male Love and Female Love are seeming divisions of One Sexless Love that ever seemingly come together and reproduce the One. The Quality of the Cube Interchanging with the Sphere is the One Reality and Identity of the seeming to be perceptually divided, not the literal preponderance of male or female perceived by the division. The Sexlessness of One is extended through heterosexual reproduction of form.

What Adam and Eve learn is that One is not the image of man or woman projected on the screen of space, but One with the Image Maker, never divided into preponderantly male, and preponderantly female reflections of the Sexless One.

Adam and Eve may co-create with or against God the creative mediums they employ as their ships in space, and the (e)Quality of their story will reflect their decisions to work with or against universal law. The One Love manifested by the joyful intercommunication between their spaceships is the One Reality and Identity of the Driver — not the divisions necessary to create the dimensions necessary for the employment of their space and ships.

There are no substitutions for manifesting this Love; this Love must be manifested through One’s creative medium, or One feels, by identification with the medium instead, as if One is locked in it, vs being inseparably in Love with it’s ever extended-beyond-form Potential.

All seeming divisions of One come from Wholeness that can only seem to be divided. Unlock Potential by releasing belief in divisions and their limitations; ever identify with unlimited, undivided Wholeness.

God’s Male light, and God’s Female light, as One, perfectly trade places by interchanging in one another to make Love appear manifest. Over and over with “their” One inexhaustible Love, they shine the story of Mankind onto the screen of space.

Identify not with the creative mediums on the screen of space and their seeming limitations. One is never limitation; one is never locked in form. One is ever form’s Potential.

Copyright@Darcie French 2018



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