Q & A with Darcie French on desire for the Knowing and the Answer to extend Love – includes book review for Without the idea of death there is only Life

Q: Hello again, Darcie. I just wanted to say that I bought your book, “Without the Idea of Death: There is only Life.” Because of my hunger for Truth, I read it in one sitting. However, I realize there was no way I was going to absorb its riches that way, and I am now biting off a piece at a time. Thank you for it!

I am presently in a state of extreme desire for the knowing. I intellectually understand most of what I am reading (I am going through Walter Russell’s home study course, and I have ACIM.). Yet, I cannot “pierce the veil” so to speak into the knowing ecstasy. A thought “came to me” yesterday that if I would start to purposely extend more love, then I might receive.

Thank you for your recent response to my question about suffering. I am enjoying your site and again, thank you for writing your book!

A: Thank-you so much for the wonderful feedback. You are most welcome. 🙂 May I suggest you keep a diary, or some other artistic production dedicated to Knowledge unfolding. This blog has been my diary. The joy that accompanies inspired writing is priceless.

I have not put the book in hard copy yet, as there is still more to add to it, and I am working on art to include that will be helpful to further the reader’s comprehension as well. Questions and feedback are supremely helpful as the book continues to unfold.

To quote part of your feedback: “A thought “came to me” yesterday that if I would start to purposely extend more love, then I might receive.”

Absolutely; and, there need be no sacrifice. As one listens more and more to the Voice that speaks for extending Love in every situation vs projecting fear, Knowing ecstasy will accompany the listening to the same degree that one agrees with the Voice.

In the state in the fire, as death of the body and its attachments was possibly immanent, I agreed with the Voice for God vs the voice for ego, which released identification with form. When the Voice said, “You don’t have to be here for this”, I wholly agreed without hesitation. I learned in a flash of ineffable nonlinear ecstasy of full agreement with nonlinear Unity that the physical body and all of its ups and downs are not separate from Mind, they are wholly included in Knowledge, yet they are never made into one’s Reality and Identity — they are not part of the ecstatic, indivisible Union with Source that is Reality and Identity in One. The image is not a separate entity from the Image Maker, but the image cannot house its Maker. Mind (which is Love) can be manifested through the physical, but only by the extension of Mind (which is Love) that is beyond the physical.

The body, while “unattended”, carried on with gathering attachments and vacating the house fire. It acted with Love without my direction. It did not need my input to do what it was intended to do (which is to act with Love). As the body acted with Love during a scenario of terror, I forgot the body altogether, to Know only the extension of Mind that is beyond the body. In the face of potential death, without projecting fear, I could only Know Unity with the Love of God.

“Mind cannot be made physical” (ACIM). It (Love) can only seem to be expressed through the physical. Love expressed through the physical by extension beyond it simultaneously returns to Source (it never leaves); it does not, at any point, “stay still” in an expressed state. Expressing Love interchanges with returning Love. God is the Father of expressed Love, the “One Son” is that Same Love returning to Interchange in the Father for re-expression.

Thus there is no need to “purposefully do” anything to extend Love (doingness emphasizes the belief that Mind can be made physical), but listen to the Voice for Love in every moment, and agree to rest the fear projector in Love’s Interchange. Projecting fear seemingly unbalances Love’s Interchange. The agreement is to lean in (in a nonlinear, non-physical sense) to the Union with God’s ongoing extension of Interchanging Love, and realize this Love as the Will of God that is indeed shared by inseparable Union. Projecting fear only seems to break this Union; it doesn’t actually. Doing nothing but resting the fear projector in this Union allows the Memory of God to “re-surface”.

One is unified with the Will of God as it is extended to all of His Creating Things; recalling this Unity is the ecstasy, comprehending it by perceiving the beauty of creating in all stages of unfolding/refolding is the experience of Knowing only Love that is beyond the physical to be made manifest, of Knowing there is “Naught but good in the universe” (Divine Iliad). To Know God is to Know the Perfect Ecstasy of this Union, to comprehend God is to experience the unconditional Love of God that is irrevocably unified with all of God’s expressing conceptions. God’s conceptions never leave Him.

Fear seems to block Knowledge of Unity, as fear amplifies the ego’s impossible will to try and inhabit a body (which brings about the “cattle prod” sensation) and make the Mind physical. I have described the sensation as being akin to “hanging onto a live wire, unable to let go”. Indeed it is very unpleasant, very much unwanted, to project the idea of death onto God’s creativity and behold a world of helpless figures seeming-to-be subject to the idea. The projection of fear attempts to erase Love from beingness, which is unthinkable, and sets one in a panic.

To quietly rest in the Union with Love’s extension instead of projecting fear heals discord, because there is only recovery from the old programming – plus simultaneous inspiration to transcend the old programming – in the Knowledge of Unity with Love’s extension that ever takes one beyond the body.

The ego demands that one projects fear, and that the body then moves to the tune of “fight or flight”. The effect of listening to the Voice for God, on the other hand, is to live fearlessly in a state of rapture, by giving the body’s processes over to the Pulse of Life.

The Unity with eternal Life is never meant to seem broken or split from by the fear of Unity’s loss; Unity cannot be lost. Love cannot be lost. One cannot separate from Source. And so is Love seemingly lost only by projecting fear and seemingly found only by resting in Source, again and again, until Oneness with the Source of Love is completely Known. One listens to the Voice for Love, and so relinquishes the voice for suffering. The voice for ego is indeed the voice for suffering; it is the voice that says to project onto eternally creative process the idea of death and behold it there, vs rest in and comprehend the eternal processes of the Pulse of Life.

The rose knows forever how to go ecstatically from seed to blossom, and back to seed again for the purpose of continuous blossoming. The ego grieves for what looks to be a dying blossom, (it says, “that poor rose is dying”) vs allows the rejoicing in the comprehension of the ecstatic overall process of unfolding to refold. The ego does not identify with the ecstasy of the rose’s eternal conception and continuous flow of unfolding to refold, but with the concept of making the process go according to its own preferences. To suit its own preferences, the ego wants to put a stop frame on the perfect blossom, without including the necessity of what, to the ego, seems to be the unacceptable “downside” of creating (the apparently dying blossom) as part of its perfection.

The ego thereby projects the idea of death as an overlay on the eternally opening and closing flower of life, by clinging to the “perfect blossom” and rejecting the “dying” one. The rejection of the rest and recovery in the Knowledge of the integral other half of life’s process is then substituted with a seemingly “magical band-aid” that only serves to “prove” the ego’s idea of death (ie addiction to man-made substitutes for what God provides).

Let not fear over a seeming-to-be dying blossom disable one from knowing the ecstasy of that same blossom’s eternal conception and unfolding, nor trick one into believing it is possible to substitute magical remedies for the effects of projected fear for Union in God’s Love. Invest not in the seeming-to-be – reach not without – ever go within to the Voice for what never seems to come and go in a rush of complication, and always simply Is. God Knows all of His Creating Things by the extension of His Love; to go within to this Union is “how to” release fear, and “extend Love”. Extending Love is to join in already extending Love that is beyond the body; there is no doingness of the body required. Doingness might yet appear to occur, yet one need not be aware of the body that is acting with Love. One ever need only be aware of Love.

Behold not the idea of death in any of God’s creative processes. The Peace from the release of the idea of death is the eternally available rest and recovery of Union with Truth.

There is no hurry to Glory; Glory is in the Peace of letting pressure go. Be a generous teacher of God by the simple agreement to use time wisely, by resting in the Voice that says to simply, kindly, (most effectively! 🙂 ) just “Be Love”.

Copyright@Darcie French 2018


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