Q & A with Darcie French on “the reason why God created the universe”

Q: Hello. What was the reason for God, who is perfect and doesn’t need anything, to create this universe?

A: The universe has never “been created”, nor will ever be created; the universe is ongoing creative illusion that is a simulation of what God thinks, but never becomes. God is forever conceiving, but never associates with the products of conception as they are perfectly conceived to be creative themselves: God does not project to behold the idea of death like man came to do after the belief in separation set in, God simply extends creative ability.

Mind cannot be made physical, it can only seem to be. God thinks ‘man’ but God doesn’t become man. Creation is a perfect light show (of effects) reflecting God’s perfect thinking (cause). Every seed in the Mind of God perfectly opens and closes to open again by God’s Pulse of Life that creates and recreates by dissolution and resurrection the illusion of embodied idea. One is never separated from the Pulse of Life, which is the Source of creative ability.

Copyright@Darcie French 2018


2 thoughts on “Q & A with Darcie French on “the reason why God created the universe”

  1. Kim Hinojoza

    Hello. I understand for the most part, the illusion and its parallel to a movie or play, with us being actors. It’s difficult, however, to imagine the Idea of man to include God viewing us on Earth’s screen in extreme physical pain and suffering, especially as that which is incurred by innocents. I understand the out-of-balance with God concept. I also understand that pain can lead one to discover the Truth, but to think one will continue to experience physical pain and suffering for countless lifetimes to bring about Truth does not appear very loving. Yes, time does not exist, but because we are in the thick of all the muck until coming to the Truth and becoming balanced, what we have to go through seems quite extreme and as I mentioned, not very loving. What comes to mind is an electrical cattle prod. I would appreciate your insight on this matter. Thank you very much!

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