Q & A with Darcie French on how/when will the illusion of incarnation end

Q: How, when will the illusion of incarnation end?

A: The illusion of creation is forever voided and reproduced by the Pulse of Life. One beat creates the image, the next beat voids it back to rest for repetition, the next beat repeats it, and on it goes forever. There are only the Qualities-in-One of the Pulse of Life to Know and comprehend. One is unified in the ecstatic Heartbeat of God; to Know this and only this is to Know Pure Ecstasy, Pure Nirvana, Continuous Climax. To comprehend the Nirvana of Oneness is to perceive the Beauty of the Pulse of Life by recognizing the Qualities-in-One expressed to be Love alone expressed. Life and death are interchanging beats of the same Pulse. Rest in this Knowledge, whether the Pulse is creating or voiding for repetition. Death of the body is total rest-for-repetition in the ecstasy of union in Source.

Once Oneness is Realized, this Knowledge is repeated along with the body — one never believes in incarnation of God’s image again — One Knows exactly “what and who” One Is. All questions become answered by the “still small voice” that was once overwhelmed by lack of said Knowledge at the forefront of thinking and reasoning. This Voice is One’s Own. With the Voice of the Self at the forefront of Mind, One becomes co-creator with God, by working with God Knowingly on creating.

Creation is endless multiples of Trinity between God and His two moving lights of illusion. The illusion of incarnation into the lights of illusion ends when the Trinity of One is realized, when it becomes wholly Known that One is not one of God’s seemingly created and re-created two, but One with the static Light they spring from and return to, as they forever unfold and refold the imaginings of the Self.

Copyright@Darcie French 2018


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