Q & A with Darcie French on how to stay in Heaven forever

Q: How do we stay in heaven forever… not having to come back to earth? thanks 🙂

A: Is one really incarnated on Earth, or could that be an illusion altogether? Location is a non-event to the balanced Mind.

God is not concerned with the effects of His meditation that express the idea of creation, nor should be the Sonship. Pay attention only to the ecstasy of Oneness; join God in His meditation, not in the effects of it.

The expression of Love (creation) does not separate one from returning to rest in the Source of it. Acting in alignment with God’s Will to Be Love dissolves the idea of separation from cause by effect. Identity in God’s Will forgets/cancels the idea of identifying with form expressed by it.

Remember always the uncreated Self at rest in Love, and believe not what the senses say. The senses seem to say that one has been made physical, yet the Self is never created.

My teacher, Dr David R Hawkins, muscle tested that one (seems to) incarnate on Earth an average of 6 times to “make repairs”. He used to say, “Be kind to all of life”, and “live life like a prayer”.

Become balanced (Be in Heaven) by acting and reacting with only Love now, and either no repairs will be needed, or you won’t notice you are making them.

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