The interchange between Knowing and thinking only *seems* to split the Mind from One Love

Ecstasy is the one undivided emotion — the balanced ecstasy of love for which there are no opposites. The reaction to the giving of love is love regiven.” (Walter Russell)

Ecstasy is Knowing Self to be the uninterrupted wholeness of Balanced Love. Balanced Love cannot be perceived — only imbalance seeking rest in Balance is perceived. Balanced Love is wholly Known. To be in Balanced Love with the Father of Love is to Know the ecstasy of the eternally uncreated Self, it is to Know of one’s very conception in the Mind of God as the Idea of Man, undivided by the illusion of action and reaction between pairs of opposites.

Because your mind is split (into pairs of opposites), you can perceive as well as Know.” (ACIM)

The Mind is split from Knowing Balanced Love, but only to perceive potential out of place, in order to seem as if to become what one Knows. The play on Word is a demonstration/manifestation of Power. The interchange between what one Knows and what one thinks is not a separation from Knowledge, but a deconstruction of it, in order to reconstruct it, and extend what one has constructed to infinity. The love principle of giving of love to be regiven is the basis for all simulations by all the pairs of opposites. All of the emotions that can be divided into pairs of opposites ping pong back and forth between one another as they become one another and keep the momentum of interchange going; like love being given to be regiven, given emotion that is divided returns, but as its opposite emotion to be regiven as its original emotion. Black becomes white for the specific purpose of becoming black again. Only Love returns Love “seamlessly“, without any division, without any seeming “split” from Knowledge. Extend only Balanced Love and realize, dear Reader, that any split from Knowledge is only seeming.

To Know the Self in Perfect Equilibrium is to recognize the Oneness of creation, and instead of beholding the idea of death, to let it go, and to simultaneously re-own the Power to create. The interchange between Knowing and thinking only seems to split the Mind — the Mind can perceive via the interchange between Stillness and motion whatever one so desires to perceive, and still, one can only ever Know Love Interchanging in Love.

Copyright@Darcie French 2018


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