Dave’s Wife-enstein

Four years ago at this time, I had fibromyalgia and depression, we were on disability, my husband was a gaming addict, and I could barely force myself to get the body out of bed. But out of my family’s love for me, I began too, every day. What I did was notice that the plane had indeed crashed some time ago, and I finally put ‘my own oxygen mask on first’. I started back on the path to loving the physical side of life.

No part of me wanted anything to do with separating from rest in Source, but God said there is still desire at play. For four years, I have been (physically) ‘faking it till I make it’. Every bike ride, every green smoothie with fresh marijuana leaves, every bit of Rick Simpson oil – made with the cannabis flowers my husband has lovingly grown – has been undertaken in the name of making this body capable of comfortably, powerfully (vs forcefully), fulfilling its roles as wife and (grand)mother.

My husband and I have taken to calling me ‘Dave’s Wife-enstein’. Dave has never stopped desiring to have his wife by his side, and so I eat good food, take my oil, and ride.

This morning I got out of bed and noticed it was because I wanted too. Today, we are off disability and financially independent, doing what we love. I did my part and my husband did his. As a couple divided, we each had begun to self-destruct. United, we forever recreate/rebuild one another.



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