Merry Christmas

A 364 day tension build up preludes the release on one glorious Christmas Day. Christmas Day is an example of a beautiful death. It is the death of the effort it took, to simulate by the release of it, the Balanced Stillness of Being in Love. Death is but an intermission between seeming activity. Christmas Day is also an example of extreme imbalance in the universe; the extended build up for brief intermission does not replicate God’s Balanced Way that gives equally to build up and release.

Life and death continually interchange in one another: life and death are One. God is One Being in Love with His Son, and the Cosmic Play is all about simulations of this One Love Interchange until it is Wholly Known. The Pulse of Life is the only example set by God to go by. This Pulse is eternal. Whether one seems to find self in “Heaven” or “Hell”, there is always the Pulse of Life to rest in, for the inspired direction of “what next”. Enlightenment is nothing but the recognition of this fact, and the masses are now fast awakening to it.

Duality forms the backbone for all simulations of this One Interchange. The stage is set for life to be “vs” death and thus there are pairs of opposite conditions, that, by their “rhythmic, balanced, interchange”  with one another, simulate the ongoing unity between Father and Son that can never actually be divided.

Like one’s air that is exhaled, everything given out to the night before, is collected the next day. The key to a life lived in equilibrium is to find balance between the opposite conditions — balance between giving out, and taking in.

Copyright@Darcie French 2017


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