The voice for the ego of separation ever goes and the Voice for Oneness ever stays

The book Without the idea of death: there is only Life is written by attention paid to the Voice for God, which innately discredits the voice for ego that chooses only between illusions. Reality is not given to transient illusions perceived by the senses, but to nonlinear Oneness in God as Oneness in God is eternally Known. Indeed, reading it challenges one to demolish old connections and to make new ones. One loses the ego-story in the Truth as it unfolds.

Man listens to the voice for the ego by way of attention paid to the senses and the information they seem to glean. The voice for ego comes with vibrations of Stillness, and goes with their dissipation.

The Voice for Oneness is seemingly drowned out by the voice for ego that is constantly trying to locate what cannot be located. The Voice for Truth is drowned out when attention to the voice for falsehood is given sovereignty, and it is believed that an image has actually been located in space and time. No imagining can be located in its expanded effect (aka its image); image is ever located only in its invisible seed in the field of consciousness itself. All images are fast returning to rest in the Image Maker; it is the return of an imagining to the Image Maker that seems to make an appearance in the mirrors of perception. Oneness in God is the only Location there is; the ego puts reality into projected illusion and calls projection true.

The ego cannot follow the Son of God Home; the son of man, or the repeating image, is not entwined in Source as the non-imaged Son, or the Idea of Man, is. The ego comes with the senses, and goes with them too. The voice for separation by the senses ever goes, and the Voice for God that is present regardless ever stays.

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