Ego loves the concept of gifting circles

“Ego seeks, but never finds” said Dr Hawkins. Ego loves the concept of getting something for virtually no effort, as is promoted by the folks behind the Fraser Valley Pay it Forward gifting circle.

What you get when you give $5000 to a gifting circle and expect $40,000 back for doing virtually nothing as promised by the group leader and cohorts is sleep loss, lost friends and broken family relationships. Plus, you will be expected to attend all the meetings and take your place as an actor in them to try and get more people to sign up. For every unknowing new lead at gifting circle meetings, there is a knowing actor to falsely alleviate their fears and lead them to take part. If you don’t participate in the shark’s den, you get removed from the pyramid and can no longer work your way up.

Forget the ego and its path of destruction. Get to Know and work with God to manifest inconceivable abundance, straight from Source.


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