Q & A with Darcie French on when is the book, ‘Without the idea of death’ going to be available?

Q: When is your book going to be available?

A: Today marks the date of eight years passing since the state in the fire, as I have come to call the enlightenment of universal form, and the rest in the Oneness of eternal Love.

Some return in a functioning state of higher awareness, able to immediately begin teaching – not I. I returned with the awareness intact, but it was as if all of my neuro-circuits were fried, and I was in a state of utter confusion. It was as if I had been given all the LSD in the world in one dose.

Everyone around me was in a panic and I could barely move. There had been a house fire. There were details to account for. I cared not about the uncountable details, and wanted only to rest forever in total Oneness.  Darcie French had consciously died, wholly and completely, and it was ALL GOOD.

A messenger for God was born under the same name on that day. Today I am but eight years old with this all-new-compared-to-the-old Mind-set. I ask for your ongoing patience. ❤

(PS – it will be soon)


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