Q & A with Darcie French on creating universes and ‘re-setting karma’

Q: Hello. I sent you two questions through your Q & A form, which must not have been received. So, I hope it is okay to ask them here.

Did God create an infinite number of universes, or just this one? And, are we able to “reset” our Karma somehow, or must we live it out until it is played out fully? Thank you.

A: My pleasure. Thank-you for your patience 🙂

There is One Creator that every one is unified with as Creator’s Idea; every one is an entire ‘creating universe’ of God’s. Yet no one is ‘created’ – creation is the mature illusion of the stillness of Mind divided into the motion of two seeming opposites coming back together as one. Cease giving reality to the seeming division and motion of Mind, and the belief in the illusions of motion and emotional separateness disappear in the stillness of Reality’s Love. The movements of ‘creation’ are ongoing; man is one with the Creator and the movements for giving image to imagining are innately available to work with.

Karma is directly related to emotional belief given to the illusions of creating and therefore can always be ‘reset’ by rest in the ‘zero point of stillness’ that is void of both creative motion and the judgment of emotion. Surrender judgments about creating to God’s Beloved Idea of Man which includes all possible activity in His Love. At rest in the Stillness of Magnetic Love, electrical activity is void; there is only the innate desire to create with this Love, what ‘was created‘ never was. Reactions other than rest in the stillness of Love Being are the basis for the very idea of karma; reactions other than Love are recognized as undesirable substitutes and it is that recognition that makes the idea of karma ‘uncomfortable’, and yet there is no actual judgment to call upon from the stillness of reality in Love — Love can’t be substituted with emotion. Rest in Love, which is rest in Knowledge of the ever guiltless reality of the Son of God who is wholly untouched by the illusions of creating. Thus does it say in ACIM that all reactions are but a call for Love. ❤

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