The cannabis answer to atomic suicide

“The one amazing thing about all matter, which is not known today, is that all matter wants to explode, it wants to die. To live, is an effort. To die is effortless.” (Walter Russell from Atomic Suicide pg 10). Man’s use of radioactivity by digging up and “isolating” exploding elements has helped the effortlessness of death, and has made it more difficult to live.
The marijuana aka cannabis or hemp plant counters the effects of radioactivity by absorbing it’s out-of-place elements and redistributing them back to the environment where they are safely entombed by their balancing counter parts and are conducive to life vs destructive to it.
While it is effortless to die (I can attest to the bliss of it and the desire to ‘stay dead’) life desires to live (I can also attest to effort put into this desire) and will always be motivated to overcome the equilibrium of rest in Source. Communicating Love is the motivating factor for life in this body; “before the belief in space and time, acts were not necessary” – the Son of God needed not reassurance of the Father’s Love.
The Earth and her inhabitants are in dire need of reassurance of God’s Love that is the foundation of all creating things. The cannabis plant being a natural God-given solution to a man made problem is a form of this reassurance.
Grow cannabis. Consume it. Out of the effort put into its growth and consumption is life on Earth better empowered to divert atomic suicide.
Copyright@Darcie French all rights reserved

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