Rest Quantified Beingness in the Quality of Being

It is a misconception, in particular, it seems, among ACIM students, that universal form will one day cease to be and “we will all go back to Being One”. We are One Being, describing Beingness, now. The Being of One and the universal form of One’s Beingness is forever. The ego of consciousness that was birthed with form is also forever. The effects of Beingness cannot be quantitatively ‘removed’, but left in place and transcended by Knowledge of the Quality of Being. To ‘kill the ego’ is to discontinue ‘eating from the tree of Knowledge as if Word is daily bread made manifest’ which transcends belief in changing quantities and allows the recognition of eternal Changeless Quality.

When the ego’s kill switch has been hit, quantified quality is ceased to be believed as reality. One rests quantified Beingness in the Quality of Being.

Copyright@Darcie French all rights reserved


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